Never Stop Moving


There is a sense of nervousness and apprehension as we head into the next weeks, so we reached out to Toronto fitness expert, MJ Shaw to ask her if she could share some tips to help us feel stronger and calmer this season.

"We are all digging deep into our coping toolbox these days. It's the holidays and we are dealing with many mixed emotions as traditions change and family and friends are no longer able to gather. Isolation, hibernation, being sedentary, extended separation from friends and family; no surprise, it takes a toll on your health and wellbeing. It takes a toll on your body. The instinct may be to further curl up into a ball, but research shows we need to do just the opposite. Physical exercise, breathing, dancing! Whereby you increase your heart rate to a moderate or high intensity, provides a natural release of endorphins to boost your mood, metabolism and strengthen you from the outside in. Giving yourself a positive outlet for releasing pent up energy and stress is a proactive way to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

Never been a fitness person? That's okay. Just move your body! Go for a walk. Put on some music and dance around the house. Buy a rebounder and jump while your kids do their homework. You can also try something empowering and good for you in the comfort and privacy of your home. Start easy and slow. Finding it hard to get motivated to move? Try a live online class or program where the trainer is present to coach and encourage you through your workout. Though you’re not in the same space, the shared experience of a group of people moving together is palpable and beautiful. And we ALL deserve a little bit of beauty right now."

MJ Shaw is an award-winning fitness expert who started SOUL FUEL to create a space where fitness is an act of EMPOWERMENT, of STRENGTHening from the inside out, of finding JOY in moving and loving your body.

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