Green and Beautiful Makeup for the Holidays!

We’re true believers in natural beauty. And that’s because it works. It delivers. And natural makeup is no exception. In fact, it is the exception. Natural and green makeup are a cut above. Nourishing, colour-full, and better than any conventional makeup out there. If you want your makeup to do double duty – then you’ve arrived, because the brands that are owning green makeup have surpassed what you could have ever expected from cosmetics. 

Our green makeup selection is great for your skin, works better than mainstream, and will make you look as polished and pretty as your heart desires.

Welcome to the new world of green beauty.

In that mind, we must note, the holiday season is not fast approaching – it’s here. Stock up on the colours and looks you need for your office party with our top makeup picks for the holiday season.


Hynt Beauty Skin Prep Serum
Heading out to the holiday party and looking for something to smooth skin imperfections and create a silky base for foundation and concealer? Hynt’s got you covered. Literally. Smooth pores and rough patches, and firm skin with a base meant to make you look like you’ve had a facial (or a great night’s sleep). Sorry, we can’t provide your date – but we’re convinced you’ll do just fine.


Ilia Beauty Illuminators
Need an instant glow? We gotcha! Once your foundation is blended, take a swipe with one of these amazing natural highlighters, blending into the top of cheekbones. Then listen to everyone at the event telling you that you look “so well rested” and “on top of your game”. You can thank us later.


Nudus Revenge
That holiday pucker might feel hard to pull off – especially if you’re not one to go bold on the regular. Don’t fret – Nudus is a safe bet. Calling on natural oils and a nourishing formula to keep lips plump and hydrated, this one means business. Our fave tip? Swipe it on straight from the tube, then blot with a tissue and smooth with a finger. Pucker up. But don’t look up! #mistletoe


W3LL People Pink Champagne
Eye shadow can be so tedious when you’re on the run from the office to the next event. So grab this powder and gently dust all over lids. Then wet your finger and concentrate it at the centre of the eye for a highlighted and dramatic effect. It’s a no-brainer and so easy. Because networking is hard enough, right?


AILA Zweetchy Jones Nail Polish
You’ll make it through weeks of the holiday season with this sparkly and pretty polish. It looks so lovely holding a champagne glass. But want to know a secret? It’s very forgiving. It’s has a long lifespan for wearability, which means nails done on thursday night take you straight through the week and beyond. Sparkle makes up for everything, don’t ya know! 


There you go. Our holiday party picks. But keep in mind, we have lots of great holiday options. Make sure to take a look through our makeup selection, and give us a shout if you need any help. We’re here – we’re available. 



New to green beauty?
Read our guide to making the switch.




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