Meet our New Beauty Adventurista, Anna Hardwick

My name is Anna. I’m a nature freak, health nut, professional actress, yogini, hotelier and world traveler. I am on a constant quest for the cleanest, greenest products to soothe my dry, sensitive, skin. I love exploring Clementine Fields’ beautifully curated skincare lines  — they fit my mandate for organic, sustainable and downright effective brands. As an actress, I spend long days on set with various kinds of makeup caked on my face, so in my downtime, I need to avoid irritation and toxins. Left to my own devices, I wear little to no makeup. It’s got to be a really special event for me to blow dry my hair. Low-mai doesn’t begin to describe my vibe. 



I have been blessed with the driest skin in the land. When I get a facial, the aesthetician is constantly asking if I drink water, and is in utter disbelief at how many layers of flakes come off during microdermabrasion. My papery, Celtic skin is not only dry, but sensitive, and prone to dermatitis flare ups, especially during times of stress (I’m not crying, you’re crying). Then add winter, and my face is downright tight, flakey and red. 

It doesn't help that I'm addicted to the very things one shouldn’t do if one has genetics like mine. I will lose hours on a surf board, the equatorial sun reflected back in my face, and no amount of zinc cream or SPF 50 will keep me from crisping up. I will spend as much time as possible on my skis in winter, the thin ozone sun bouncing back off the snow and the wind-chill reddening my cheeks. So, I can’t mess around when it comes to skincare. 

My outdoorsy lifestyle doesn’t do my face many favours, but you can’t replicate the inner glow from time spent in nature. Most days I can be found hiking with my rescue pup Esther Williams, or losing myself in my garden at The Ferg, the inn I co-own in Prince Edward County.

My beauty role model is my mother, who is aging gracefully, a face full of laugh lines. The only makeup she ever wears, (and she wears it everywhere, I mean everywhere, even on a canoe trip or on top of a mountain) is her trademark bright pink lipstick, which emphasizes her mega-watt smile. I believe in a simple, fuss-free approach to beauty, and I’m happy to share my discoveries with you. 

Here are my top three everyday essentials, that I simply can’t live without:

Zoe Organics Cream is literally my skin saviour. My face is so dry (see above), I need to smear a putty on at night and in the morning. Most ultra-moisturizing creams just absorb in seconds, and due to my sensitivity, I can’t get too fancy with my daily routine. Zoe Organics' eight simple, soothing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and calendula flowers keep my skin nourished and free from eczema flare ups. I can even use it on my hands at night to soothe my cuticles. It is scent-free and checks out at a great price point.


Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil has been a staple of my daily routine for years. This conditioning treatment contains the most potent rosehip oil on the market today, which is known for its ability to repair skin like a retinoid does, but without any irritation. I use this oil morning and night, in combination with the Zoe Organics Cream. I’m so grateful that I’ve found an oil that keeps my rosacea at bay.  

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer is a cult favourite, for good reason. I’m not a makeup gal, as I said, but I do like to cover the dark circles under my eyes. My dad used to tease me in the mornings with, “Honey, you could fit all your clothes in those bags under your eyes.” He meant well, I swear! In any case, this lightweight formula is infused with botanical extracts and makes me look rested, no matter what kind of a night I’ve had. It doesn’t cake into the creases under my eyes and is nourishing enough for my dry skin. One jar lasts an astonishingly long time, since you only need a tiny dab for effective coverage. 

We live in a wonderful time for green beauty. I remember the days when I used to blend my own face cream from oils at the health food store. I can’t wait to uncover more beauty essentials for you as I discover the new organic products coming out everyday. In the meantime, feel free to drop me a line and keep in touch with me here! You can find me on Instagram too as @ladyhardwick.

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