Looking Forward to Those Lovely Summer Vibes

Oh! Summer. How we do love you.

Now that we’ve had a taste of warm weather and bright electric sunny days, we’re taking a moment to appreciate the delights of this well-awaited season: When the sun shines shockingly bright, and the skies are so blue and clear, and we feel so alive.

Most of us won’t be trekking too far from home this year, and while we find our ground during this shaky time, hanging in our backyard or park makes us consider how very lucky we are to call this endlessly beautiful country home. Summer in place doesn’t seem so bad, especially when we can connect with people we love through endless technologies where in-person isn't a possibility.

While we’re technically a month or so away from Summer Solstice, in the meantime, we’re keeping an eye out for the emergence of some of our most anticipated Summer moments. There are so many parts of the season that bring us joy:

The scent of blooms carried on the breeze.
Biting into a slice of watermelon and juice dripping down our chin.
Needing sunglasses so many days in a row.
A light breeze lifting up the curtains when the window is open.
Flowers and fresh fruits alive and blooming, delicious and fresh local vegetables.
Cocktails in the sun drippy with condensation.
Time spent unaware of time.
The smell of sunscreen and sweat on our skin from a great day outside.
Long, beautiful, gradient sunsets. 
Falling into bed with the heat from the sun emanating from our skin.
Early mornings, late evenings, sounds of laughter and play from the neighbourhood.

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