Living Well and Ageing Well: Life in Your 50s

It's our founder, Ingrid's, birthday! To celebrate, we asked her a couple of questions about living well and ageing well in your 50s.


Happy Birthday! How do you feel? What do you have planned for this year?
Wow, thank you! I feel good. My fifties started a bit rough but things are settling. We are going to Costa Rica next week to celebrate and be with friends, which I am excited about. I am the same person I was in my forties but ageing brings wisdom and gratitude as well as seeing more people you love have health issues and sometimes succumbing to them, which is very sad. I just cannot believe how fast life goes by. I’m so grateful my parents are healthy and well, we just went to visit them which was great. I want to take piano lessons this year, get back into dance, start my own blog and I am doing a play in the fall which I am thrilled about. It will be fun ( and scary) to get back on stage again.

Do you think the stigma of "ageing" is changing?
I don’t think society celebrates ageing for women. For men, it doesn’t seem to matter! I think we are getting better at celebrating it and embracing the heck out of it because we have to. If we can change the pattern, society will follow suit. We have to speak up about what we need and be vocal in every way. I just found out Elizabeth Warren is probably not going to win the Democratic race in the U.S. Is one of the deciding factors her gender? Probably. I don’t mean to be political here but we have a way to go. 

What issues are important for women in their 50s to be aware of and engaged in?
I’ve learned that it can be an interesting (and difficult) time of life! No one really talks about how close menopause is once you turn 50. I thought it would happen way later, I’m not sure why. I feel a bit ignorant that I had no idea that the average age for menopause is 51 years old. It started for me about four months after I turned 50. Very dry skin and hair, anxiety, mood swings and acne. Honestly, it’s been hard. My advice is to talk to other women and create your team. There are some great doctors here in Toronto. There are some wonderful Facebook pages all about The Change. I’d also recommend books like Estrogen Matters and The Wisdom of Menopause. I’ve started taking bio-identical hormones and they are helping, I don’t recommend them for everyone but do your research and talk to your doctors.

Do you have any product lifestyle recommendations for this time of life?
The dryness is real. I would say layer your products and drink lots of water and lemon. Internally, I love Age Quencher for skin and nails. I love CV Skinlabs Body Repair Lotion for body, and Alpyn’s PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer is magic for the face. My breakouts were kind of brutal for a while but I have got them under control with masks like Mahalo Skincare The Bean and I love Odacite’s Black Cumin and Cajeput for Pimples. I have been using saunas for detoxifying and relaxing my nervous system. And, spend time with people who make you laugh, it's the best best best!

What does being in your 50s offer that younger ages did not?
I speak the truth way more than I have before. I let myself get angry and sad and frustrated, where I wouldn't give myself permission to do so before so I wasn’t seen as difficult or “too much”. I kinda love feeling so comfortable in my skin now. I mean, I don’t always say how I feel but I do most of the time. Ironically I also feel like I’m kinder. It’s a difficult time and people are suffering. We must give more of ourselves to people less fortunate.

Any advice for your younger self?
Don’t care so much about what others think, and care more about others.




As a soon to be 52 year old I REALLY appreciate and relate to this. . . Happy Blessed Birthday Lovely Ingrid from Susan on the Sunshine Coast, BC xo

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