Skincare Guide: Acne Advice from Leah Lani

When Leah Lani turned 25, she developed full-blown cystic acne. Her experience was painful - emotionally and physically - but ultimately, it lead her down the path to LeahLani Skincare. Recently, Leah shared the frustration and sorrows of her experience, how she learned to love her skin despite its flaws, and how she was able to heal.   

When the source of her physical issues was revealed to be endometriosis, there were endless examinations and multiple surgeries. It was this experience that prompted Leah to began her holistic journey, retreating to holistic esthetician school in Maui. For the next five years, Leah would dedicate herself to holistic education and healing.


Healing is a process. Often, it’s a very slow process. In the end, Leah says it was a combination of things that helped to clear her skin. Whatever issues you’re struggling with, you won’t see change overnight. Skincare issues especially require changes to lifestyle as well as skincare habits. It took Leah 2-3 years to manage her skin, to help calm inflammation, and heal the scarring. She “learned to listen, to tune in, to slow down, and to trust.” Here are Leah’s tips to heal and transform your skin.


Lifestyle Tips

Exercise & Sweat

Think of “exercise as your skin’s BFF,” says Leah. She recommends 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. Heart pumping exercise will get the blood flowing and stimulate the lymphatic system, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Wash your face beforehand - no makeup or sunscreen for your sweat session - you want your skin to sweat and purge as easily as possible.


Water is key. “I suggest drinking fresh water with a squeeze of lemon and a tiny pinch of Himalayan sea salt. This will not only help to keep you hydrated, it will also help with digestion and elimination (also KEY to healthy skin).” If you’re not a fan of water or you’re easily bored by it, try adding some Age Quencher Beauty Electrolyte for a hydration and flavour boost.

Gut Health and Diet

Every gut is different. Slow down and tap into which foods truly make you feel good. “If certain foods tend to sit heavily inside your belly long after your meal, unable to digest and eliminate easily - try cutting back.” Leah suggests keeping a food journal for a month, noting how you feel after each meal. She also encourages lots of fermented foods to “help your body digest, absorb, and get the best use of the foods you are putting into it.”

Manage Stress

If only there was a cure for stress. But just like healing, managing stress and finding effective stress relief techniques takes time. Leah’s advice? Make time for joy. “Joy is medicine for the soul, and when you are stressed, you need this medicine more than ever.”

Skincare Tips

Equally important to lifestyle changes is finding a skincare routine that will facilitate healing. “Each and every skin type is unique. There are many different variations of acne. Acne doesn’t discriminate - it can affect dry skin types, oily skin types, and any age.”

Leahlani Skincare was curated to heal through balance, and every skin type desires balance. Leah’s recommended rituals are not set in stone. The oil and water content, as well as the colour and texture of you skin are unique, and so she recommends adjusting these rituals as you see fit. Remember, you know your skin best.


Cleanse with Pamplemousse Cleansing Oil. This will nourish and gently clean the skin. Over-stripping skin will throw the complexion off balance, leading skin to overproduce oil. Leah recommends ditching your foaming cleanser for cleansing oil.

Tone and hydrate skin with a toning mist. If your skin has more redness and is sensitive to the touch, Leah recommends Bohemian Ruby to hydrate, balance, and soothe.

    If your skin tends to be more oily and dull, the Citrus and Citrine will hydrate, brighten, and purify. Both mists have a pure aloe water base, which will help to facilitate healing.
      While skin is still damp from toning, treat and moisturize with the Aloha Ambrosia Elixir. Its lightweight texture absorbs beautifully to provide moisture without sitting heavy on the skin. Leah recommends just half a pump gently massaged into skin.



        Cleanse skin with Pamplemousse Cleansing Oil to melt away makeup and daily debris. Follow up with a second cleanse using the Kalima Cleansing Powder. Why double cleanse?

        “Double cleansing is super important, and I had never heard of this concept until I went to esthetician school. The first cleanse will remove makeup and daily debris from the skin, and the second cleanse will do the deep cleaning. ”

        Tone and Hydrate with your toning mist.

        Moisturize. Use the Champagne Serum to help balance oil, soothe skin, and calm inflammation. Use the Siren Serum if skin tends to be more oily and dull. Siren will boost circulation, brightening the complexion. Use just half a pump of your desired serum.

        Additional Skincare Tips From Leah

        “Twice a week, skip Kalima as a second cleanse and use the Honey Love Exfoliator. This is my holy grail for a clear, unbelievably soft, and vibrant complexion. Stir well to activate the crystals at the bottom of the jar, scoop a dollop into your fingertips and massage very gently into damp skin for a good 30 seconds to one minute, focusing on the areas with the most congestion (T-Zone). If you have the time, let it sit for a minute or so on your skin before rinsing well with warm water - this will help to deeply moisturize and help to reduce redness and irritation after exfoliating.”

        Lastly Leah says to "be patient with your sweet skin, and when you touch your face, do so with tenderness and love.”


        To read Leah’s story and advice in full, click here.

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