Winter Skincare Layering Routine with One Love Organics

This post is brought to you by our pals at One Love Organics. When they sent out a newsletter with this simple and effective skincare layering routine, we knew we had to share it with you.

Layering skincare is a simple concept: apply skincare in thin layers, with a couple of minutes in-between. It's effective, especially in Winter when the harsh and dry climate and indoor heating are fighting to steal moisture from your skin.

Our faces are exposed to the elements every day, and during the cold dry winters, we need extra protection. This layered skincare routine will keep your skin hydrated, refreshed, and glowing all day long. And, it's easy, with just four steps:

1. Cleanse with Botanical B Cleansing Oil.

2. Apply Botanical C Facial Serum while skin is still damp.

3. Apply a light layer of Skin Savior Balm, paying attention to dry and irritated areas.

4. Apply a dab of Botanical E Eye Balm to the lip and eye area.




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