It's Our Birthday: Clementine Fields Turns Four Years Old!

In the Spring of 2013, Clementine Fields was born. On Earth Day four years ago, founders Ingrid and Tom began their business venture together, unsure but hopeful of what the future would hold for their new idea. Suffice to say, it’s gone very well!

The boutique launched with less than thirty product lines, and now stocks over fifty. In the last four years, they’ve been mentioned in Canadian press, The Globe & Mail, Flare (Twice!), and Fajo Magazine, among others. Canadians took to the shop to stock up on green beauty faves, and have made Clementine Fields a success!

Here’s a quick chat with founders Ingrid and Tom about where their idea came from, what they’ve learned, and what they hope for the future.


Let’s start with a quick history lesson: Why did you decide to open Clementine Fields?

    Well, I had been trying a lot of natural and organic products and I was finding them difficult to find in Canada. At the same time, I’d turned 40 and Tom and I adopted a baby. I was acting, professionally, but suddenly didn't want to be running around to auditions and going out of town for acting work as much. We decided to create a company that was positive for people’s health and the environment and that would give us the option of making our own hours and spending time with our wee new little girl.


    How did you come up with the name and what significance does it have for you?

    We wanted a name that wasn't too on the nose and that evoked a feeling. A name that felt beautiful and calm, and that conjured up a place a person would want to spend time in. So Clementine Fields was born.

    How has running the boutique changed your life?

      Running an online store is 24-7. We had no idea what we were getting into! But, we really love it and it has given us a real sense of accomplishment and joy. We’re so grateful our customers enjoy buying their clean and green products from a small, Canadian-run business.

      What have you learned over the last four years?

        We’ve learned that it pays to be detail-oriented. It's also good to know what you do well and to focus on that. Also, it's good to keep mixing things up to catch people’s attention, as we know they are constantly bombarded with images and stories. We never take for granted customers that keep shopping with us, so we like to try new things and new looks to keep everyone engaged.

        As a family owned and run business, do you ever find it challenging to work together, or is it a blessing?

          It's actually really great! Tom deals with the technical end of things and I look after customer service, ordering, and some social media. We also work with our amazing assistants who get out the orders, a digital strategist, a green beauty writer, and a photographer.

          There are times when we focus on family, and we try to take time away each day, but our daughter likes when we talk about our business, since she knows she was a inspiration for the company! I think our balance has been good. We don't always agree, but we always work it out.

          What part of running Clementine Fields brings you the most joy?

            Clementine Fields is an idea we had that came to fruition, so it feels very personal and fulfilling. We adore working with our staff and we are very grateful they have all been with us since practically the beginning. It feels wonderful providing a service that benefits people’s health and well being.

            We also love helping customers choose products and hearing how much they are enjoying their orders. We really try to make the packages special and beautiful, the world is crazy right now, and we are trying to bring more happiness into people’s lives.


            What are your goals for the future?

            We are about to launch a few new lines that are very exciting and hard to find in Canada. Our customers have been asking for one in particular for years – so we are thrilled to launch this particular line very soon! We’re also expanding our skincare guide so it will be easier for customers to make decisions based on skin types, skincare needs, etc.

            We want to expand our business while making sure that we don’t become too big and overwhelm our customers, and we’re very choosy about what we carry so it takes awhile to decide if a line is the right fit.

            Anything to say to your customers and readers?

              Thank you for supporting small business, and thank you for continuing to support us. We will continue to work towards bettering peoples health and lives and sharing ideas and inspiration that are good for our followers and the beautiful, precious planet we inhabit.

              Always reach out if you have any questions or queries!



              xox, Ingrid and Tom




              Happy Fourth Birthday Clementine Fields! I am so happy to have found you and really appreciate the brands you carry, your sample program, and quick shipping. Not to mention your great packaging – it’s as much fun opening my purchases as using them! Cheers!

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