Introducing NUORI: Fresh & Pure Skincare from Denmark

We’re very excited to introduce one of the newest lines we’ve added to our roster of clean, green, and effective beauty! Welcome NUORI, a Danish line dedicated to freshness and purity. 

NUORI takes freshness to heart. Using pure and natural ingredients, NUORI formulations are all natural and free from synthetic preservatives, artificial additives, colorants, and fragrances, as well as other chemicals. And, the line ensures 100% efficacy as the active ingredients are never weakened by time-related breakdown. All NUORI products are freshly blended in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks and the products are packaged in beautiful minimalistic protective packaging to minimize exposure to air, light and bacteria, before and during use, to ensure that every NUORI product is at peak efficacy - every time it's used.

This is a line that definitely deserves a spot in your beauty arsenal. We’re huge fans of the entire line, but chose three of our faves to highlight.

Supreme C Serum Treatment
NUORI has been praised in Vogue, NYLON, Elle, and by Caitlin Agnew in The Globe and Mail. The Supreme C Serum Treatment works by mixing the pure vitamin C powder with the serum. It helps repair skin damage and offers powerful antioxidant protection for brighter, revived skin.

To quote Agnew in her Globe and Mail article, “The morning after I first applied the Supreme C-Serum, I woke to a complexion that was supple and bouncy, reminiscent of that fading, collagen-rich plumpness of my childhood. Like a bloat-busting juice cleanse, using this 20-day product every three months would be a nice way to help skin reset as the seasons change.”

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and can improve skin texture and tone by neutralizing free radicals, inhibiting the production of melanin pigments, and contributing to collagen synthesis. Natural glycerin and hyaluronic acid, known for their hydrating action, help replenish and retain the skin’s inner water reservoirs. Plant-based ferulic acid neutralizes free radicals and boosts the photoprotective properties of vitamin C. This is the perfect product to take your skin to the next level – especially when heading into the colder months.

Vital Foaming Cleanser
NUORI Vital Foaming Cleanser is a creamy foaming cleanser that removes dirt and makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils. Pomegranate enzyme and radish root extract gently and effectively remove impurities and slough away dead skin cells. Oat kernel extract and natural betaine offer powerful antioxidant protection and combat redness and irritation. Botanical glycerin helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth, supple and refreshed. A cleanser that cleans while nourishing skin? We’re in!

Vital Eye Cream
They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so make sure yours look as great as you feel. NUORI Vital Eye Cream is a lightweight cream ideal for reducing fine lines and replenishing the delicate skin around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid, known for its powerful hydrating action, and organic aloe vera help restore skin’s moisture levels and smooth out fine lines. 


NUORI is a special line that deserves your attention. Fresh ingredients in protective packaging that ensure your skin gets the best of what you put on it. What are you waiting for? Add NUORI to your beauty routine and put your freshest face forward. 



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