Q&A with Alexandra, Co-founder of GIVESCENT

Nine years ago, Alexandra Lyon Perelman and Elena Brower teamed up to create scents inspired by the Mediterranean summer. In turn, they contribute to and raise awareness for Every Mother Counts and Women for Women International. High-fives all around for not only smelling good but doing good, as well. We got a chance to sit down (virtually) with Alexandra Lyon Perelman, the founder of GIVESCENT perfume, to find out how she's doing during these dramatic times and to ask what makes GIVESCENT so special.

How are you coping during this time? Any self-care tips?
I have been coping by staying productive, trying my best to stay present, and connecting more with my family. I have cherished the daily walks with my husband before dinnertime. This time has given me an opportunity to take a breath and reevaluate how I spend my time, yet it has also underscored the deep division and disparities in our country. As for self-care, I put on my GIVESCENT body oil every morning and it lifts my spirits. I take a hot bath every night and try to sleep more.


We love the GIVESCENT scent! Why do you think it resonates with so many people?
Thank you for your love of GIVE. I suspect it resonates with people because the scents transport you to special places and remind you of travelling to somewhere wonderful. The smells, the culture and the pace. Now, since many of us are at home, we can put on one of the scents and be transported to a place like Italy ( La Dolce Vita) or the beaches of Southern California. Another aspect of GIVESCENT that resonates with my customers is the charitable component of my business.  A portion of the proceeds from each bottle supports women survivors of war. Women for Women International provides meaningful training and support to women in war-torn countries. It feels good to buy something you love and also give to something that will make an impact.


Where do you go in your mind when you want to stay calm. My meditation teacher does a meditation called the ‘Lake Meditation’, where is your ‘lake’?
My lake is one of my favourite beach walks that I have done many many times in South Florida at my dad’s house. When I want to stay calm, I see myself there. The water, the air, the mist and the familiarity of that walk centers me in my mind.





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