Holiday Survival Guide

We love the holidays but we’ll agree that this time of year can be overwhelming. With all of the errands, events, shopping, decorating, cooking (and eating), it can be difficult to take a little “me” time and practice self-care.

We’re here to help! Here we share seven suggestions for taking a moment, or an hour or two to step out of the hustle and bustle and remember who we are and why we do what we do.

Love yourself this holiday season!


1. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi. Leave the kids, husband, friends, in-laws all behind and seek solitude in a salon as your tips and toes are polished to perfection. We suggest you bring one of our AILA polishes for a greener polish. And, we’re thinking you should go for the gold or glitter it up.


2. Take a timeout with a hot cup of tea to read your christmas cards. If you have to, lock yourself in your bedroom or sneak away to a quiet place and really read the good wishes and your loved ones have sent your way. Feel the good vibes.


3. Dance like nobody’s watching. Yes, that’s right, dance it out with friends and family or all alone. Put on some rocking tunes (it’s okay to turn off that Christmas music) and flail about like your life depends on it. Shake it out to revitalize yourself and your holiday spirit.


4. Splurge on something you really want. Pick something you’ve been thinking about but haven’t committed to doing or buying and treat yourself. The only rule: it has to be something that you’ll truly get a kick out of getting for yourself. It could be anything from a luxe face mask to a guitar pedal. It’s all for you. 


5. Eat without judgement. All of those workouts you did this past year were fantastic for your body and mind and we commend you. But maybe just this one season, you can binge guilt-free. That homemade shortbread your great aunt made or the baked brie with apple appy should be devoured, enjoyed, and not subject to any criticism.


6. Go for a stroll to check out the Christmas lights. If you’re in the city, plan a route by all of the big department store windows, out of town try main street or the best dressed houses, and if you’re more rural, take a long gander at nature’s natural light show and check out those gorgeous bright starry nights. Bonus points if it’s snowing.

7. Take a tech-free bath. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, just twenty minutes to fill up the tub, light a lone candle, and ease yourself into a quarter hour of solitude. Add a couple of drops of an indulgent body oil to soothe skin and the senses.



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