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We all have our ways staying up to date with the latest trends and discovering local secrets. Social media, magazines and of course, your nearest and dearest. We asked CF co-founder, Ingrid Doucet, and her crew what they’re obsessed with this summer. Find out what’s hot in green beauty and Ontario green living with this group of incredible women. 



These are four women doing amazing things as artists, entrepreneurs and fitness gurus in Ontario. Each one of them is inspiring and wonderful, and they happen to be my dear friends. We also just made a short film together in the beautiful Prince Edward County. Here are some of their favourite summer pastimes and green beauty must haves.

xo Ingrid



Anna Hardwick


I’m really excited about my recent purchase of AtlanTick’s Body Spray. I used it this weekend at my place in Prince Edward County, The Ferg. When I’m there, I spend as much time as possible outside with my rescue dog, Esther, hiking in the beautiful cemetery and rolling hills behind the town of Picton, strolling on the beach and deep in the garden. Esther accompanies me for it all, and when I’m hard at work in the garden, she can be found napping in the cool dirt under the peonies. All ample opportunities for ticks to hitch a ride. 

With the increased temperatures we’re seeing due to climate change, ticks are now living year round in some areas of Ontario and have even made it to Toronto. Yikes. Ingrid told me about AtlanTick, a small, female-led company, based in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, currently on the cutting edge of natural tick prevention. 

I was curious and did my own research. Developed by a mother whose two little boys were diagnosed with Lyme disease, she approached Dr. Faraone at Acadia University to help develop a study to back up her own research and eventually get Health Canada’s approval to market the product as a tick pesticide. Research is positive and they are in the final stages of the process to widely release AtlanTick on the market. 

Besides the science and research behind it, the product is easy to use and works well. It smells lightly like lemongrass and isn’t sticky and oily. My dog doesn’t mind being sprayed and the lemony scent sure beats wet dog smell! It gives me peace of mind as she plays in the mammoth dog park in Picton, her personal Shangri-La. I check us both thoroughly at the end of the day and so far, so good. 

My green beauty go-to this summer? Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray, for sure. My usually iron straight hair gets a natural wave in the humidity, and this spray enhances it. Bonus? I can pretend like I’m in my favourite place to teach yoga retreats, Costa Rica. 

More about Anna

Shannon Barnett


We live in the Parkdale/Roncessvalles neighbourhood and my kids and I live for summer and the Sorauren Park Farmers market. Although it happens all year round in the Fieldhouse, when it expands into the Town Square in May it becomes more than a market. It becomes a wonderful opportunity for my kids and I to connect to community once a week, spend time together outside in the gorgeous park and for them to experience all different kinds of food and become educated about where their food comes from. There are also so many friends, live music, games and activities. So, bonus.

It’s really important to me  to spend as much time as possible outside in these spring/summer months, to take advantage of the incredible resources our neighborhood has to offer, to eat as fresh as possible and to support local as much possible.  Maybe because I grew up in the 70s and in summer our parents just unleashed us into nature and only called for us to come inside when it got dark or maybe partly my Mennonite farming roots, but I mean really, there is nothing better in the world than a cherry in June or a peach or field tomato in July. And the sound of kids laughing and playing outside until the sun goes down. 

Right now I am OBSESSED with Vered Organic Botanicals and her exquisite scents. I adore the Signature Scent Perfume and carry it with me everywhere. I also love the Signature Scent Body Oil.

My other summer must have is the One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil. It’s wonderful for removing makeup especially in the summer with the heat here in Toronto.


Shannon is an award winning real estate agent at Chestnut Park @shannon.barnett
and vacation property owner Costa Rica @visithouseofg

Melissa Jane Shaw


I’m so happy to finally be outside! In the summer, we head up to the cottage monthly. We’re on an island on Lake Couchiching. But most weekends we hang in the city on our front porch or in the backyard, depending on how outgoing we feel. We love to garden and BBQ and lounge. It’s our baby boy’s first real summer, so we are rediscovering the beauty of nature through his eyes. Who knew grass was so awesome? And dirt so delicious? He goes “baby free range” (naked and roaming) and we go bare feet, so as to stay friends with our neighbours.

I am crazy for anything minty and my go to with all the running around I do is the Leaves of Trees Eucalyptus Mint Deodorant. I am just about to open a new exercise studio and this deodorant leaves me fresh and happy all day long!

This summer MJ is opening up a full service boutique fitness studio in Toronto offering a wide range of group classes, personal and small group training, workshops and social events. She welcomes you to harness your power through movement.


Rosa Laborde

After the glorious cleansing of spring -- cleaning our living space, our bodies and our inner space -- I’ve take on three things: love, nourishment and self-care.

Our weekends are all about collecting supplies; lots of fruit and veggies so that I can make green juices all week and a big batch of strawberry protein milk with hemp seeds for daily pick me ups, and delicious ingredients for meal planning so we think less and enjoy the beautiful weather more. I try to get at least one yoga session in or we'll head out to my partner's hometown of Ancaster and hike the Niagara Escarpment - any deep dive into nature resets my whole body. 

But when work makes leaving this concrete jungle impossible we are lucky enough to have this wonderful back patio that we've decorated with hanging outdoor lights, some comfy outdoor furniture, lots of green and a fire pit! We'll chill through the eve with a fire blazing and a deck of cards and I can almost feel like I'm camping. This quiets my inner space and is pure bliss.

I LOVE One Love Organics Brand New Day. It keeps my skin so clear, especially in the summer heat. And I can’t get enough of Vintners Daughter (omg forgot how good it is!)

The Graydon Face Food Mist is also a must have for summer, and same with Olio E Osso. Using the same product for lips and cheeks is perfect for on the go. 


More about Rosa Laborde

Ingrid Doucet

Now that the weather is warm I love getting outside and checking out my favourite local haunts. There are a lot of stores and events in Toronto that are doing amazing things for customers who care about the planet. I love Horses Atelier, Coal Miners Daughter, and Logan & Finley for sustainably made, chic summer frocks and such. I frequent The Goods for organic vegan smoothies, salads and bowls. I love Unboxed Market for package free food, you can bring your own containers and purchase olive oil, dish soap, crackers, etc. It’s awesome!

And I love the free yoga classes that start this spring in Trillium Park. You can even bring your dog! 

You’ll find two products in my bag every day this summer. 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Cheek Stain in Cherry, and the Lily Lolo illuminator. A little bit of colour for lips and cheek and an overall highlighter for the perfect glow!

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