Green Beauty for the Next Generation: Natural Makeup for Teens

Those of us who have made the journey from conventional cosmetics to green beauty products know that it wasn’t the simplest things to do. Saying goodbye to some of our tried and true makeup and beauty brands wasn’t easy or cheap. But our conscious was clearer and our skin was brighter, and it quickly became apparent that green beauty is worth it. Most of us wish that we had been doing it all along, especially when we think back to the drugstore makeup we used in high school. We wish we could spare our teenage skin the horror of drugstore makeup, especially now that we know what’s in it and how these ingredients are harmful to our bodies as well as the planet. We can’t go back in time but we can suggest a few tips and products for those of you raising teenagers with an interest in makeup.

Why natural makeup for teens?

Hormonal surges can reek havoc on teenage skin, from blackheads, to acne, to an overall oily complexion. If you’re a teenager, you’re already at a bit of disadvantage when it comes to attaining a clear complexion. Add common chemicals found in cosmetics and you’re potentially in for a really rough time.

According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the average woman uses 9 beauty products daily that expose her to over 100 different chemicals. A 2003 study found that women typically have a higher level of toxic chemicals in their bodies than men. The most common were phthalates, which are used in "health" and beauty products. Fragrances can also mix 100+ ingredients and potentially 3,000 different chemicals, all with toxic consequences. These harmful chemicals have been linked to breast cancer, hormone disruption, allergies, and reproductive problems.

No one should be exposed to these chemicals as regularly as we are. These chemicals shouldn’t be anywhere near or in products that are supposed to come in contact with our skin. But unfortunately, for the time being, the onus is on us to make sure that what we wear, ingest, and breathe, won’t put our health at risk.

Building good habits early seems like the easiest way to navigate the beauty industry, and avoiding toxic junk all together is definitely the best practice for keeping your skin, your body, and the planet happy.

We recently took on Lily Lolo, a natural makeup line that nourishes skin while providing amazing coverage and good variety of shades and styles to experiment with. Their BB Cream is perfect for covering up blemishes, scarring, or acne, and acts as great primer or light foundation, and their lip gloss is glossy, shiny, and packed with vitamin E and jojoba to keep lips soft. Whether you're just starting out with makeup or you've had years of experience, we can't recommend Lily Lolo enough. 

Here’s a list of makeup tips we wish we'd known as teenagers - something to share with your teens if they're taking an interest in makeup (there's a few natural makeup recommendations in their as well!)

Makeup Tips for Teens:

1. Always wash makeup off before bed (speaking of good habits..absolutely do not make a habit of sleeping in makeup!) Not taking your makeup off can lead to acne breakouts and periocular dermatitis (a bumpy, uncomfortable rash).

If you need a good makeup remover, try the one by S.W. Basics. Jojoba oil (one of the main ingredients) will help with acne if you have it and keep your skin balanced if you don’t.

2. Don’t share makeup or brushes. Your skin is already sensitive and going through a lot of changes. You don’t need to add germs to the mix.

Sappho New Paradigm Cosmetics sells awesome brushes individually and so does W3ll People.

3. Always use clean hands when you’re touching your face

Try The Purist by Tammy Fender if you're in a rush or don't have access to soap and water.

4. Keep an eye on your skin for irritations when trying a new product and try a different products if necessary. If you're uncertain, test the product on your arm first and wait 24 hours to see if any irritations occur. (Most of our makeup is offered in our sample program if you want to try anything before you buy it!)

5. Look for spf foundations and primers or apply sunscreen before your makeup — if you get into the habit now, you’ll have healthy skin forever.

For sunscreen to wear under your foundation, try Elements by Graydon Skincare, or the Solar Face Moisturizer by Devita.

6. Avoid tanning beds: use natural bronzers or tinted primers to give your face a glow, and sunless tanners for your body.

We love the bio bronzer stick by W3ll People, the Face Glow by Graydon Skincare, and Chocolate Sun.

Finally, on a less glamorous note, we'd just like to echo what we hear in the green beauty industry constantly: if you're starting the transition to green beauty, the first thing you should switch over is your deodorant. The highest concentration of lymph nodes found in the body is in your armpits, which means this area of the body is especially sensitive to chemicals and toxins. It's definitely less exciting than makeup, but natural deodorant should be you and your teen's number one green beauty priority.  

Have more questions? Ask us anything! Send us an email or DM us on instagram. We're always happy to help to you find what you're looking for.

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