Graydon May Promo & Interview with Graydon Moffat

Our May Promotion is with Graydon! Spend $200 (pre-tax and after any additional discount) and receive a FREE Face Glow! To claim yours, write "Face Glow" in the notes section of your order.

Face Glow is a tinted primer and illuminator with sun protection. When applied to the skin, the mineral mica creates a glowing complexion and "blurs" away imperfections. Perfect for warmer weather, it's a quick and light replacement for foundation when you want to look like yourself, but a little more polished. 

Get to know Graydon founder and the creator of Face Glow, Graydon Moffat, in this quick interview.

Can you share with us the story behind your line?
About ​10 years ago, I was teaching a lot of yoga at the time and instead of buying yoga mat sprays and massage oil for savasana it just seemed more logical (and fun) to make my own.

I have a culinary background, so I found the 'recipe development' in​ making these​ products fairly easy and straightforward. It wasn't until we started to make creams, shampoo and conditioner that I needed extra help of a chemist to assist me.



What is your personal beauty philosophy?
​As they say, 'beauty comes from within' so when I'm not grounded inside my body I'm usually not looking my best outside my body. That said, I try to get a reasonable amount of sleep and spend my mornings up until 9ish very calm and peaceful not talking, drinking a warm beverage and spending time with myself, as I scroll through emails preparing myself for the day.

​I also keep my actual skincare regime super simple: cleanse + moisturize twice a day, 6 days a week Monday to Saturday, and a Selfcare Sunday ritual of steaming, exfoliating + 'masking' = a Happy Face for Graydon.


Face Glow is a tinted primer and illuminator with sun protection. What was your inspiration for creating this product?
​So many things! As mentioned above, I like to keep things pretty simple so while creating our Face Glow​ I wanted to make something to simplify my life – like a 3-in-1 product.

As I'm not a big fan of heavily tinted BB creams or icky-gooey sunscreen I knew I wanted to make a face cream that would seriously multitask: moisturize my skin with nutrient rich plant oils, protect my skin from sun with really great quality non nano zinc, and give me a sexy glow.

After many reformulations, I'm really proud to say it's all that and more. Plus it smells super delicious.



What is your favourite way to wear Face Glow?
​I use it as my moisturizer and primer on my face. Now that the weather is better, I slap a little extra on my calves and collar bones too.​


Can you share your best spring beauty tip?
Haha, this isn't a direct beauty tip but my best advice is to work on your digestion and chew your food super slowly (skin will thank you). When it comes to makeup, please remember that less is always more – especially in springtime. ​


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