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Great news skincare lovers! We're giving away a trial-size Tammy Fender Epi-Peel to customers who spend over $75 (pre-tax). Just write ‘Tammy’ in the notes section at checkout to qualify. (*Please note, this is while supplies last, so get in and get yours quick!)

And here, from Tammy Fender herself, how Epi-Peel can heal and protect your skin this summer, no matter what skin type you have.


“In many ways, summertime is bliss—our family garden is fragrant, full, and buzzing with bees, and there are so many opportunities to enjoy the sea and to catch up with friends. It’s a time to breathe and to relax a little—and, naturally, we all want to bring out and burnish the skin’s fresh summer glow! That’s why during these months of outdoor fun, I rely on Epi-Peel, the micro-exfoliating mask-and-peel I created to refine pores and purify the skin, without sending the complexion into emergency mode.

Let me explain. While we all love summer’s laid-back, lovely vibe, at the cellular level, these months of heat and sun exposure, air-conditioning and sunblock, present a big challenge to the skin. Many of us know about the benefits of exfoliation, how whisking away the dead cells on the surface leaves the skin polished and bright. Yet to encourage the skin’s natural luminosity, we also need to proceed with caution. As an exfoliant, Epi-Peel is a formidable cleanser, but it’s formulated in a way that tenderly protects and maintains the skin’s natural defenses. The skin’s outermost barrier protects it from irritation and infection (which causes acne) as well as from rapid dehydration. And, during the summer months even those who wouldn’t necessarily call their skin ‘sensitive’ benefit from babying and safeguarding this protective shield, which locks in moisture and keeps skin from developing inflammation.

Another thing I love about using Epi-Peel in the summer heat is its cooling base of Kaolin clay. The earthy, mineral matrix so beautifully draws out impurities and environmental toxins from the skin, absorbing and removing excess oil and whisking away dead surface cells. (At home, I’ve been known to spoon out a treatment portion into a refrigerated marble bowl so that it also draws the heat out of my skin, too.) I’m asked frequently by clients and by journalists about treatment masks and peels of all sorts, but for me a simple clay base is miraculous. Oilier, congested skin benefits from the detoxifying elements, while dry skin loves the moist cool healing. For both, clay firms and tightens, smoothing out the complexion.

On the therapeutic level, clay can also deliver an abundance of essential, replenishing nutrients and minerals to summer-depleted skin. Epi-Peel, for example, is packed with invigorating Moroccan Rosemary and Spearmint, which boost circulation and bring a breezy vibrancy to the skin’s surface. At the same time, Watercress offers a pure source of valuable nutrients, including antioxidants and beta carotene, supporting cellular repair and regeneration, while reducing fine lines.

It's a wonderful experience – the cooling clay, the fresh green scent of the herbal remedies and the deeply soothing Watercress base. I’ve often noticed that my senses come to life in the summertime – the vegetables from our garden burst with flavour, I hear the wind in the trees so much more clearly, and I’m absorbed by the colourful beauty of nature blooming all around. At the height of summer, taking a few moments to refresh and revive the skin holistically, using the potency of nature feels so right. I think you’ll find that encouraging the skin’s natural luminosity in this way, with a gentle touch and through nurturing generosity, is fulfilling on many levels.”


Thanks Tammy!


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