Found: The Holy Grail of Serums


This past winter, I found myself in the most beautiful little corner of Quebec — the Charlevoix, a Unesco heritage region of rolling hills, colourful 18th century villages full of galleries and artisans, and the best “fromages” I’ve ever tasted, nestled on the north shore of the mighty Saint Lawrence River. I was there for my annual ski weekend with my French girlfriends -- gorgeous, athletic women who kick my butt on the ski slopes and laugh mercilessly at my “fautes de grammaire.” I try to keep up with them on the piste, as well as at dinner. I marvel at how they can eat so much baguette and chocolate, drink so much wine, and stay so svelte and dewy skinned. 

After a two-month no sugar, no white flour, no alcohol experiment, my resolve came crashing down in a blaze of syrupy-smokey food at a Cabane à sucre. Prepared by a top Montreal chef at a pop-up sugar shack in the middle of the forest, I indulged in all five of the maple-doused courses, including some fantastic local wine. When in Rome, right? 

This kind of indulgence, mixed with one of the windiest weekends of the winter, on the highest mountain in Quebec, would normally have wreaked havoc on my dry, sensitive, skin. I just can’t live like my Gallic friends and get away with it! 

I’m in a constant quest for a skin regime that not only soothes, but also moisturizes my inflamed, parched face. This winter, I found the holy grail of serums. Glow Luminizing Facial Serum, by Niu Body, delivers on its promise to leave your skin radiant and bright. Made with only four ingredients, including camellia seed oil for protection against the elements, jojoba seed oil for that #nofilterneeded flawless glow, and delicately scented bergamot oil for the feeling of being at the spa all day, it absorbs quickly yet leaves my skin silky smooth.

I opened my bottle of Glow serum my first morning, at the top of Le Massif ski resort and dabbed it on before applying sunscreen. The wind blew mercilessly off the Saint Lawrence River all day, but my face felt soft and protected. In the chalet at at lunch, I reapplied the serum, mixed with some more sunscreen. After three days on the slopes, my skin had never felt more nourished, despite record winds for March.

Finding a serum that not only works wonders on my skin, but one that is moderately priced, lovingly made with simple, organic ingredients, by a pair of rad female entrepreneurs, is a game changer. It also fits in with my desire to shop for local and sustainable products. The bottle looks beautiful on my bathroom vanity, bringing me Marie Kondo-approved joy, and its contents have truly restored my winter skin. 

I returned to Toronto with a belly full of cheese and chocolate, achey quadriceps, a brain thinking in French, and the unmistakeable glow that travel, laughter and the outdoors brings to your face. I’m sure the Glow Luminizing Facial Serum added a little bit to my twinkle! 



Meet our new Beauty Adventurista, Anna Hardwick

My name is Anna Hardwick. I’m a nature freak, a health nut, a professional actress, yogini, hotelier and world traveler. I am on a constant quest for the cleanest, greenest skincare to soothe my dry, sensitive, Celtic skin. I love exploring Clementine Fields’ beautifully curated skincare lines — they fit my mandate for organic, sustainable and eco-conscious products. I have a low-mai vibe, and dig simplicity. I’ll happily indulge my skincare obsession in the name of dry sensitive skin sufferers everywhere, and share my discoveries with you. Keep in touch with me here or on Instagram as @ladyhardwick or come visit me at The Ferg, my inn in Prince Edward County.

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