Fitglow March Promo & Interview with Anna Buss

Ingrid is wearing all Fitglow Beauty Makeup including the Fitglow Beauty Blush in Peach

Our March Promotion is with Fitglow! Spend $200 (pre-tax and after any additional discount) and receive a FREE Fitglow Beauty Blush in Peach! This gorgeous colour is exclusive to Clementine Fields. To claim yours, write "Peachy" in the notes section of your order.

To celebrate this month’s promotion and introduce you to the Fitglow brand, we chatted with Anna Buss, the founder of Fitglow Beauty, about launching her line, her favourite season, and how you are what you eat.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Fitglow.
As a lifelong health and fitness fanatic with uber sensitive rosacea skin I needed to help my skin beyond the coverup of makeup so I could face my daily work adventures and not be worried about being red in the face. Many synthetic products would further irritate my skin and when I turned to traditional natural beauty products my skin didn’t get much relief due to the heavy oils, waxes, and essential scents. Beautiful skin and health go hand-in-hand so I always say that, “You are what you absorb through your food and your skincare”, and this is where it all comes together in Fitglow Beauty products.

I spent over a decade on plant-based ingredient research, stove top projects, and in long pow wows with skin doctors and chemists to refine evidence-based formulas that go beyond the top layer to activate and nourish skin cells. It was my passion project that I worked on to help my skin and [to recover from a] car accident 4 years ago. My life changed and I used this as a distraction from pain which helped me launch Fitglow.

The best part of this long and passionate journey is the great pleasure I get from being able to help others love their skin again and not hide behind a mask of heavy products .

"I think an early start with growing plants has influenced my life not only in what I eat, but especially with what I put into Fitglow products."


What is your favourite Spring treat?
Spring is absolutely my favourite season as it’s the start of garden season. Growing up as a farm kid in Poland I always had a love for watching things grow out of dirt. I remember riding along with my uncle in the tractor as soon as the frost was gone to plant in our fields, and then waking up every morning to run out and check if anything had sprouted. Since that time I have tried to have a little garden, even on my balcony when I lived in Toronto. My treat is still the same every Spring season – I treat myself to a shopping spree for organic heirloom seeds that I plant and watch grow. I think an early start with growing plants has influenced my life not only in what I eat, but especially with what I put into Fitglow products.

What makeup/beauty look are you really into for Spring 2017?
I would love to say it’s something new or fancy but I love a healthy natural look for every season. That look to me is a health nourished complexion, natural eye makeup and tiny pop of colour either on cheeks or lips.


"There is nothing as pretty as a warm, sun-ripened peach. When you bite or slice into it, the colour is pure happiness."


Can you tell us the story behind creating your Peach blush? Why Peach?
My surroundings influence many things that we create for Fitglow and spending half my time in the Niagara area the natural inspiration is endless. Peaches are something that I wait for every year and riding my bike in the early mornings through the orchards I take pictures of the fruit ripening in the sun. There is nothing as pretty as a warm, sun-ripened peach. When you bite or slice into it, the colour is pure happiness. This is where the inspiration for the Peach blush came from and I just love how it warms up pale winter skin and gives that fresh natural look to the cheeks.

What’s your best blush application tip?
I like to apply the blush lightly with a soft brush. After running the brush through the colour compact always tap off the excess and lightly apply to the face. If you’re happy with the intensity of the shade you can set your look with powder or a toning mist but if you need more colour you can repeat the application.

What is your best beauty secret and where did you learn it?
There are a few that I learned along the way but one that was the most influential to me was, “ You are what you eat and what you absorb”. I know that this sounds like a nutrition tip but it truly is a beauty secret that drives Fitglow and has made a huge difference in my skin. A healthy diet is essential to healthy skin and you can impact your skin by health nutrition in eating right and also applying beauty products that work with how your skin absorbs nutrition.


At Fitglow we work on formulas that are in synergy with feeding your skin cells the nutrients that it needs to thrive. Water soluble nutrients in water formulas and oil soluble in oil plus liposomes to protect ingredient integrity to maximize your skin’s ability to get nourishment from the products. So my beauty secret and most essential beauty products are serums, creams and our Vita Active Foundation to continue to nourish my skin throughout the day. I can leave the house without a lip product – but never without my serum. : )


Thanks Anna! 


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