Face Rolling 101: The Truth Behind the Trend

It goes without saying that not all skincare trends are worth trying. Some are too expensive (like $300 Colloidal Silver Masks, used back stage at the Victoria Secret fashion show), too painful (remember the Bee Sting Facial?), or just way too weird (sorry Miranda Kerr, but we’re not interested in the Leech Facial).

Maybe they work, maybe they don’t. Our health and wellness mantra is if it makes you feel good, go for it, if it doesn’t, skip it. As we navigate the skincare world, we each develop our own unique routines, and routine is important when it comes to skincare, that’s no big news. But when does routine become a rut? And how do you know which trends are worth trying and which ones are safe to ignore? Lucky for you, we've done our research.

Face rollers are trending in the skincare world. You most likely asked the same questions we did when you stumbled upon them: what do they do and do they actually work? Or maybe you're brand new to the idea of face rolling. Either way, we decided to give them a shot. After a few weeks of testing with the CF staff, we’ve come to a consensus: yes, it works. Here’s what it does:

Like a lot of skincare trends and buzzwords, face rolling is actually nothing new. The practice originated in 7th century China, where they traditionally used jade rollers. Jade was chosen for its spiritual benefits (it’s thought to promote prosperity, purity, and tranquility). The idea and purpose behind face rolling is similar to the idea of dry brushing. Both stimulate the lymphatic system, the network of tissues and organs just below the skin that help the body eliminate toxins and waste. Face rolling improves circulation by massaging the lymphatic system, thereby improving skin elasticity and skin tone. It decreases puffiness caused by excess water under the skin. By eliminating toxins, pores are encouraged to reduce and tighten. It can also help with under eye circles, which are a primary skin concern for a number of us.


How does this face rolling thing work, you ask? It’s pretty simple.

Face Rolling 101:

1. Always use on clean moisturized skin

2. Rolling upward and outward, start at your clavicle, move to your jawline and neck, then to your cheeks, forehead, and end with under the eyes.

Remember: upwards and outwards.

3. Use morning and night if desired, just after your regular skincare routine. In addition to all its regular benefits, face rolling after a moisturizer, serum, or balm will help products absorb better into your skin.

4. To clean: rinse with cold or room temperature water, dry. Never soak or submerge your roller in water.

That’s it. No need to push hard; a little pressure is okay but it’s a gentle massage, nothing extreme.

Bonus: keep your roller in the fridge. The coolness will help with any swelling or puffiness.    

There are some pretty wild rollers out there, but we’re loving the simplicity of the Rose Quartz Roller by Living Libations. Quartz is thought to promote healing and open the heart (plus it’s a super pretty colour).

If you’re still skeptical, we get it. We were skeptical too, but face rolling makes us feel good so we’re going for it. The only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself!

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