Elate’s Favourite Look for Fall 2016

Created in Victoria, B.C., Elate is a cruelty and toxin free, vegan and organic, makeup line. We spoke to founder and makeup artist Melodie Reynolds about her favourite look for Fall 2016. She even created a custom look for us!


1. What look are you loving the most for fall 2016?
I'm really loving the throwback looks to the 80s we're seeing with a bold blush and lip combination.


2. What is it about this look that you love so much?
Sculpting the cheekbones. Having the ability to play with a bolder colour is one of my favourite things. I often find it’s the eyes that we tend to focus on with. It’s refreshing to have all the focus on cheeks and lips this season.


3. Can you take us through the steps to get the look above using elate products?


4. Anything else to add about green beauty for fall 2016?

We've come a long way in the world of green makeup over the last decade. If you were avoiding making a  purchase or switch to green beauty because you think they aren't as performance driven, get rid of that idea completely.  Our products and other Green Beauty companies have just as much staying power as any other makeup brands.



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