CF Crush: Nadine Artemis

We have another CF Crush! For our second post, we’re crushing on Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations. Read on to learn about her idyllic mornings, nature-loving rituals, and the pleasure of soaking up the sun.

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What’s your morning routine look like?
My family starts the morning by basking in the sunrise together, drinking cool spring water, and eating a piece of Living Libations chocolate melted inside a warm chia crepe. As we eat, we like to call out all of the things we feel grateful for and celebrate everything that we appreciate in our lives.

What skin care do you use in the morning?
To cleanse my face and lubricate my skin in the morning, I’ll anoint my face and body with Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever and sometimes apply a dab of RoseGlow Crème for extra moisture. I also apply a swipe of Neroli Poetic Pits to charm my underarms and keep me smelling sweet, no matter what the day holds in store.

How do you approach your work at the start of your workday?
Clarity, creativity, and focus are cherished components of my vocation, so I start my work day with mediation before I even open my eyes in the morning. After family time, I do a full dive into work – and what that means exactly changes day by day. Though, I love to do creative work first because it starts the day off on a joyful note.

How do you spend your evenings?
My evenings are infused with an overflow of Living Libations projects and family time. I love to read, write poetry, take photographs of family or nature, or dream up new Libation creations. We also take walks as a family, play with our cat and new puppy, and catch up on the day.

What’s your favourite self-care thing to do?
In the spring and summer when the weather is warm, I love to go for a swim in our lake. Then bask in the sun for a while, anointing face and body with Best Skin Ever or Everybody Loves the Sunshine to prepare my skin for a busy day of work and play. In the winter, I enjoy walks in the woods or warm soaks in the tub. I like to dissolve a handful of magnesium flakes and a few drops of frankincense essential oil into the bath.

I also love to dry brush my skin. I find dry brushing just as cleansing and refreshing as a shower. It gets my lymph flowing, and primes my skin to receive all the Best Skin Ever I lavish on afterward.

What is the best quote or advice you’ve ever heard? Do you have any words to live by?
I have a thousand favourite quotes and bits of poetry and many of them are sprinkled throughout my new book, Renegade Beauty. This quote by Biensa Douno in The Sacred Power of the Sun is lovely - nothing is more elevating or rejuvenating to my spirit than soaking in the sunlight.  Here’s the passage:

Learn from the Sun. When you see it in the morning, it greets you with a smile … To renovate yourselves, you have to get up early every morning to be able to receive the first rays of the Sun. They carry within them light and elevated thoughts. You may say that the rays of light are nothing more than vibrations, oscillations of ether. It is true that light is oscillations, vibrations, but these are life-bearing vibrations.



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