CF Crush: Katherine Holland

We have a new series! We’re calling it CF Crush, a space where we get to feature friends of Clementine Fields and people that inspire us. For our inaugural post, we’re crushing on Katherine Holland, a Toronto photographer. Read on to find out what inspires her, her fave place to create and of course, her green beauty picks.


How did you get started as a photographer?
I studied film at the University of Toronto and the film bug never left me :) I worked in radio and television for a while before returning to photography before my daughter was born. 

What inspires your work?
I like anyone who makes something honestly. Few people make something weird and do it just to get it out of themselves, but people can feel it and they connect with it. I think it takes huge bravery and understanding and forgiveness of yourself to let the art out - and it is something I struggle with regularly.

Why was it important for you to support and give to the WWF in your latest project, Party Animals?
I adore animals and had always wanted to shoot them in a substantial way. Once I had shot one animal for the series it became obvious that I had to direct some profits from it to help them. They are so gracious and unfiltered, and everything I love in a photo subject. They are like therapy for me, and I think when someone or something is giving you so much, it is only fair to give them something back. 

Where is your favourite place to be creative?
It may sound a bit cliche, but there is nothing better than a huge white room to visualize all the stuff you are going to do to it. I love morning sunlight and rain storms, and travel and possibility. I like being put in the situation where I’m not able to pre-plan but just react photography-wise. If you focus your eyes properly you can see the story instead of having to build one.

What’s your morning routine look like?
I wake up around 7 to get myself sorted – flip on the radio to hear my husband read me the news (Katherine’s husband is Roz Weston, morning DJ for Kiss 92.5’s Roz and Mocha Show) – and get my lovely daughter off to school. Usually it’s some mish mash of “what do we have to feed you for lunch??” And then I have to scrape something together from nothing while constantly reminding her to brush her hair and teeth please and to maybe put some clothes on, and did she do her homework, and why is the kitchen so messy? Then, I jet off to my shoot or into an editing session for the day.

What green beauty treatments do you love?
I have to admit, I have never been very good at a beauty routine, because I have terrible cosmetic allergies, but in the last couple of years (I am now 33) I really value good skincare, and have tried enough brands to finally find something I can use. One Love Organics makes the most incredible products, and I am absolutely obsessed with their Vitamin C Serum, their Vitamin D Mist, and the Vitamin E Under Eye Balm. I also love the Takesumi Detox Deodorant and Mabrook and Co. Spice Eucalyptus Deodorant and No.2 Candle, and My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste. I use all of them everyday.

How often do you shop for new green beauty products?
When they run out! I find what I like and I buy it over and over until it’s discontinued. Ha! Presently hunting for the best new green beauty lip stain…

What’s your favourite self-care thing to do?
For me, I’m on my feet all day most days moving gear around and working with clients. So I really value quiet family time. I prioritize spending my evening with my husband and daughter whenever possible, and there is always a bath, a book, and a candle waiting for me when I’ve hit the wall.

What is the best quote or advice you’ve ever heard?
I’m a total quote junkie. But in terms of business, I have always loved, “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." -Thomas Alva Edison


 Thanks Katherine!





K. Holland photography is beautiful as she is .

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