Celebrating the Holidays with Tammy Fender

Here at Clementine Fields, we love the holiday season. We especially love to hear how others celebrate this very important and special time of year. Tammy Fender recently shared her beautiful seasonal celebration story with us – here it is!

"Our family’s winter holidays on the outer islands of the Bahamas do not look anything like the traditional snowy New England Christmas card, but for me they perfectly express the spirit of the season—being together, sharing some quiet days in a peaceful, nature-filled place that feels like home, with time for singing and reflection—and some special treats. 

Since the winter months are our busiest time at my spa in West Palm Beach, every year I balance out my schedule by traveling with my family during the holidays. Before leaving, I wrap up gifts of Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil for everyone on my list—such a good present, as it is loved by so many—and at the spa I double-up on my bookings in the treatment room, right up until the 25th, in support of my lovely and loyal clients. Then I slip away to the Bahamas for a few days. My husband Marc and I spent some years living on the outer islands, and it was an especially important time in my life, as this beautiful place helped me learn so much about plant medicine and traditional healing. We maintain that heartfelt connection by going there often, and for our kids—Clay (22), Quinn (18) and Savi (6)—the islands are our second home.

Everyday we paddle board to the tiny uninhabited islands nearby and spend hours exploring the wild shores. The older boys love diving, and I love discovering the beauty of the untouched sea life there. It is nature in all its perfection, and for me seeing, feeling and listening into this beauty, and reflecting on the intricacy and simplicity of life, engages all the senses. (Just absorbing that radiance activates the pineal gland, which stimulates the flow of the body’s uplifting endorphins!) It’s life uninterrupted. And no matter how many times I visit, I’m wonderstruck.

"Before leaving, I wrap up gifts of Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil for everyone on my list—such a good present, as it is loved by so many."

We also love to eat our fill of fresh tropical fruit while we’re there, along with plenty of homemade coconut bread. There is something so precious about being on an outer island, where so much of what you eat you have carried from the mainland. We incorporate savory and spicy Bahamian seasonings into many of the meals we prepare together, including a delicious local dish, Bahamian style peas and rice. For our quiet evenings, I also pack a big stack of books so that I can delve into reading and indulge my curiosity, which is another great luxury.

For the past three years, we’ve also spent part of the trip on Paradise Island, where the devotional singer Snatam Kaur teaches and performs at Yogananada Ashram. This is so special! While I love so many different kinds of music, Snatam Kaur’s voice and her message are deeply inspiring to me, and the way she expresses her devotion through her music and her lifestyle is profoundly moving. My young daughter Savi loves the center’s children’s program, which plants the seeds of meditation and kirtan, while my older boys come and go—sharing in all of the big island’s traditional festivities.

In all these ways, each of us gets our fill of all the sweetness, beauty and light that will nourish us for many months to come. For me, being together as a family each year, spending time in nature, and simply walking along the edge of the crystal blue sea, is an incredibly precious gift." 


Thanks Tammy!


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