Celebrating Earth Day at CF: Tips for Green Living and Double Glow Points

With the arrival of spring, April is the perfect time to celebrate our planet. The CF team is a group of nature lovers doing our best to live sustainably, and bring our customers eco-friendly products. Our site first launched on Earth Day six years ago, so in addition to celebrating our magnificent Earth, we’ll also be celebrating Clementine Fields, and our staff and customers’ commitment to living a greener life. In celebration of the Earth, we’re giving you 3 tips for living a greener life. And in celebration of CF, we’re giving you double the glow points. Read on for details!      

Thank goodness it’s finally spring. After a long winter, nothing makes us happier than the sight of crocuses and snowdrops. Spring is a reminder of just how incredible our planet is. It’s also a good time to remind ourselves that our planet needs protection and care. How we live affects the Earth. That fact should permeate our everyday lives and alter our everyday choices. That might sound a bit overwhelming, but once you get into the mindset, it’s really quite simple. Here are three tips for living a greener life.

Get reusable stuff - and get in the habit of using it.

It would be incredibly shocking if anyone, by 2019, had not heard of reusable bags. The world is slowly transitioning from plastic to reusable bags, either by charging for plastics bags or banning them all together. But unfortunately, convenience still gets the best of us sometimes. What’s five cents after all if you’re grabbing $20 worth of groceries on the way home? It’s not enough to just have the reusable bag - make sure you carrying one with you always. Make it a habit: phone, keys, wallet, reusable bag. You never know when you’re going to need one.

There’s a ton of other reusable stuff out there now too. Straws, cutlery, water bottles -- get in the habit of bringing these things with you. Zero waste markets are another great way to eliminate one-time packaging. Keep an eye out for anywhere that encourages you to bring your own containers or jars, and reuse stuff when you can.    


Buy quality products that use ethical and sustainable methods of production.

In the era of fast fashion, cheap skincare, and affordable footwear, it’s easy to fall into disposable consumption habits. Especially if you’re a student or living on a tight budget, price dictates a lot of how you shop. When and if you can, always opt for quality products, preferably made in Canada, that use sustainable, ethical methods of production. They might cost more, but the reality is, they will last longer, be easier on your skin, and they’re better for the planet. If eco-friendly clothing is way out of your price range, take care of the clothes you have and donate clothes you no longer want so they don’t just end up in a landfill as soon as your done with them.


Do your research and spread the word.

Eco-friendly living has really taken off in the past decade, which means you can find an eco-friendly version of almost anything you need. Look around your house and see what small transitions you can make: dish soap, linens, shampoo, saran wrap -- what small changes can you make to your home? Can you cut back on your meat intake, can you buy local produce? Research your local MPs and vote smart. Research your neighbourhood, see which retailers are trying to go green, and make sure you support them.

And once you find out all this stuff, tell people! We’re not saying get up on a soap box (in fact, definitely don’t do that), but let people in on whatever information you’ve discovered. Tell them about your favourite zero-waste market, your go-to green cleaning products, and where you shop for Canadian-made clothing. We’re all trying to change our habits, so let’s share new information whenever we come across it.

No matter how small, we hope you’re able to make some changes this month. Whenever possible, get outside and celebrate the Earth -- we’ll be celebrating all month long! And to celebrate Earth Day, April 22, we’ll be celebrating our customers’ devotion to living a greener life by offering double the glow points on every purchase from Friday April 19th through Monday April 22nd. Take care, green beauties!  

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