Celebrating Canada Day with Made-Right-Here Beauty

Canada Day 2020 looks a little different than what we're used to, but we can still celebrate this beautiful country, even if this year we’re doing from home instead of from the edge of a dock or at a bustling summer BBQ.

We can also celebrate by supporting Canadian brands. Here’s a couple of picks made right here at home that you’ll use all summer with a mini-primer on the brands that created them. (And some pics from our founder + fam enjoying a pre-Covid vacation last year in Nova Scotia!)

Canadian-Made Summer Beauty List:

  • Founded in 2009 by Bill Baker, the Consonant Skincare philosophy is that skincare should be simple and safe. A fan favourite, Consonant Skincare Natural Foaming Face Wash is an award-winning 100% natural face wash that gently cleanses the skin. We love it to remove sunscreen without leaving skin feeling dry or tight.

  • Canadian-made, reef-safe, non-toxic sunscreen is a thing! LASPA was founded in Toronto by Susan Mey when her daughter couldn't find a sunscreen that worked for her sensitive skin. LaSpa Naturals Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 uses essential oils, plant materials, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and is translucent and non-greasy.
  • Leaves of Trees was founded by Dr. Roohi Qureshi. Using her masters in chemical engineering and passion for high-quality, natural, and fair trade products, she created an ethical, science-based green beauty brand. Leaves Of Trees Persian Lime Deodorant is a citrusy, gender-neutral blend of essential oils, clay, and nourishing oils to keep odour away.

  • From farm to laboratory. Founder Graydon Moffat was inspired by native plants in her grandmother’s garden and so began creating products in her kitchen. Now she works out of her cutting edge laboratory, incorporating the latest clinical research on bioactive ingredients into products like the Graydon Superfood Mask and Scrub. Each capsule contains 19 outstanding superfoods, that when mixed with a cleanser effectively exfoliate and brighten the skin.

  • Experimenting in the kitchen led founder Stacey Davis to create a line of self-care with a fun, easy and indulgent vibe. Lovefresh Hand And Body Wash is made with spring water and natural extracts including elderflower and chamomile. It's gentle and free of harsh detergents. 

  • Founded in 2010 in downtown Toronto, by Gaelyne Leslie, Crawford Street is an incredible line of products carefully researched and uniquely effective. We are big fans of the Crawford Street Lemon Deodorant Cream, one of the most gentle natural deodorants we've ever tried. It's basically a Canadian Classic.



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