Balance & Harmony with Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

The concept that flowers can be used to soothe, heal, and even motivate us might sound a little “out there.” But before you dismiss these natural remedies as hippie medicine, take a second to consider some of the gaps in Western medicine. While there’s no denying that modern medicine is pretty incredible, it certainly isn’t perfect. For one thing, it’s not preventative. It demands an overt problem before it takes action, and it offers no solution to patients who have recovered physically but not emotionally. Meditation is often recommended for emotional healing, but depending on your journey, meditation may not work for you, or it may not be enough. Enter flower remedies.

As far as scientific discoveries go, flower remedies are actually fairly new. In the 1930s Dr. Edward Bach closed his office and moved to the country in pursuit of alternative healing methods. Dr. Bach was a pioneer in the fields of bacteriology and vaccines. His award winning discovery of the Bach nosodes made him a household name in the medical field.

But Dr. Bach was dissatisfied with what he could offer his patients. He noticed a lack of emotional support when he was treating soldiers in the first world war. He aided and witnessed incredible recoveries, noting that patients with a more hopeful attitude appeared to make fuller and faster recoveries. He believed in the body’s incredible ability to heal itself, but only if the patient was uninhibited by emotional blockages. He saw many cases where bodies were healed but patients themselves were ignored, left to deal with their residual trauma and distress which ultimately lead to more illness. In moving to the countryside, Dr. Bach intended to explore the healing power contained in flowering plants and trees, which he had long suspected held the answer to Western medicine’s shortcomings.  

What are Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies (or essences) are infusions made from the flowers of wild plants, bushes, or trees. They attend to emotional and mental aspects of wellness. Dr. Bach spent years developing his essences, which ultimately totalled 38 remedies, each individually corresponding to specific emotional issues.

These remedies are not to be confused with essential oils or aromatherapy. They are scentless and taken orally in the form of liquid drops under the tongue. As preventative medicine, flower remedies are intended to restore emotional balance. When balance is achieved, reactions to emotional stressors no longer manifest in physical symptoms. Bach’s flower remedies have been know to treat physical ailments such as migraines, back pain, allergies, fatigue, and eczema.

Flower remedies are all about purity - fresh flowers, clean water, and sunlight. Here at CF, we are longtime fans of Alexis Smart Flower Remedies. Not only are Alexis’s little blue bottles cute and easy to carry around, but her carefully crafted flower remedies are liquid love.   

How does Alexis Smart make her flower remedies?

She starts with the best and brightest flowers from the English and Welsh countryside. The flowers are picked at peak bloom where they grow wild, without interference from pollution and environmental disturbance. They are then floated in a crystal bowl filled with clean water. When the flowers have stood in full sunlight for several hours, the water is imprinted with the power of the plant. This is the flower essence. This liquid is then bottled and preserved in organic brandy.

Alexis believes that all that is required to truly understand how flower remedies work is a little change in perspective. Rather than suppressing a negative quality, they work by encouraging the positive aspects of our personalities. When we are restored to the positive and happy people we are capable of being, the negative symptoms evaporate.

In her own words, Alexis says, “the ultimate aim of this natural method of healing is happiness and peace of mind. By aligning the soul and the personality, the flowers help us to live our lives in the way we were meant to, fulfilling our purpose with love, happiness and freedom from all the limiting influences we may encounter along the way.”

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement to reach our full potential or get back on track. If you’re curious, we’d definitely recommend giving flower remedies a try.

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