At Home Facial for Dry Flaky Winter Skin

Oh Winter. Our favourite season to love to hate. The cold season brings majestic snowy hills, romantic nights by the fire, ice skating, crisp, cool air and crunchy walks through the snow. And it also brings frigid nights, layers on layers on layers of clothes, and dry skin aching for a warm reprieve.

If your skin is exceptionally dry come January, and flakes begin to appear on your face a lot like the flakes falling outside, it’s important to hydrate and care for your delicate outer layer. We have just the solution: a mid-winter hydration facial and body care routine. A series of steps that you can do once or twice a week before bed to take care of the parts of you feeling the icy cold of a season that can be quite taxing on both skin and mind.

Here is our solution. Follow this technique for your freshest face and silkiest body, in the face of the harshest season.

To begin, you’ll want to set the stage for relaxation. Tidy your bathroom, gather a heap of fresh towels and facecloths, and be sure to have some cozy slippers and a warm robe at hand. Light a candle (we have one we recommend), and turn on a soothing playlist.

Fill up a warm bath to start, with a couple of spoonfuls of organic salts. Sink in and feel the warm caress. Take some time to wash away the remains of the day and relax. Really feel the weight of the world lift away. Once out of the bath, smooth on a hydrating body oil. Focus on shins, the back of arms, belly and bum, lifting and caressing the entire time.

Wrap yourself up in your robe, slip on your cozy slippers, and let’s move on to the facial.

Start by rinsing the face with Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk Lavender & Fo-Ti, a gentle, luxe cleanser that will take away impurities without damaging delicate skin. A light application of Pai Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator is to follow. Let sit for a moment, and then wipe away with a warm (not too hot now) washcloth. Patting skin gently when all has been removed.

Mix with water a teaspoon of Mahalo Skin Care Pele Mask, a concentrated, detoxifying formula. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then smooth away with a warm, wet cloth. Again, gently pat skin dry.

For the ultimate treat, spritz skin and décolleté with Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, a luxe, botanical hydrosol to refresh and brighten skin. Inhale the delicate, beautiful aromatics and think of spring.

Apply a generous layer of Living Libations All Seeing Eye Crème, patting it gently under eyes and all over the lid. Then smooth on a couple of drops of Tammy Fender Capillary Strengthening Blend, massaging over face and neck and onto breasts. Wait a couple of minutes and then gently layer Apoterra Skincare Night Regenerative Balm with Prickly Pear + Vitamin C, taking extra care of the crevices of the nose, corners of the mouth, and the mark along the chin. Push gently all over the face with fingertips

For the finale, apply a thick layer of Henné Organics - Luxury Organic Lip Balm to lips and slip on an eye mask. Climb into bed and sink deep into your pillow. Dream of warmer days for the most relaxing –and hydrating– night you’ve had in months.




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