Apoterra July Promo & Interview with Dominique Caron

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Apoterra means "derived from the earth". "Apo" as in "derived from", and "terra" meaning "earth". This brand likes to keep it simple. Founder Dominique Caron, a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, and daughter of a family physician, based her line on the belief that the easiest way to a glowing complexion is focus on skin's individual needs and treat the issues, not one blanket skin condition. Using a combination of herbalism, aromatherapy and scientific research, Apoterra was born.

We had a few questions for Dominique. Read on to learn all about her philosophy and creating her natural beauty line!


What is the philosophy behind your line?
Our philosophy is multifaceted, but at its core are the beliefs that we are derived from the earth. Our skin is a living organ that changes with the seasons and age, and for this reason we believe the best approach to skincare is a holistic one. We also believe that natural, safe, and sustainably-sourced ingredients work best for the skin.

When skin is experiencing an unbalance, this can show itself in the form of acne, dry skin, rosacea, inflammation, etc. We formulated our products with this concept in mind. Our red line focuses on healing dry skin by bringing balance back to the skin barrier with skin nourishing oils, butters, and naturally derived actives like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Our blue line focuses or clearing acne through a complex of botanicals that help balance the skin's micro biome while simultaneously bringing balance back to the skin barrier and sebum production. We encourage our customers to mix and match from both lines if their skin is both dry and acne prone.


How does one decide which products to use?
When it comes to choosing which products are best for you, we encourage our customers to tune into their skin's needs on a daily basis, and assess their needs through intuition. Because the skin is ever changing due to climate, diet, age, stress, and other factors, what may be great for your skin one month, may not be effective the next. Learning to get to know you skin can seem difficult at first, but it is a rewarding journey! Some days you might realize your skin needs extra exfoliating, or maybe it is that time of the month and it would be a good time to add a few acne preventing items like our Activated Purifying Mask and our Night Clarifying Treatment into your daily routine to keep those breakouts at bay.


Where did the idea for the purifying mask come from? Which skin types benefit most from using it?
I love clay masks. The textures, the earthiness, the ritual of mixing the clays with a medium of choice. But I always found that many clay masks were drying to my skin, which is never a good thing, and can actually do damage to the skin barrier. So I wanted to create a clay mask that took advantage of the amazing detoxifying properties of natural French green clay, without excessively drying out skin. I also wanted to create a mask that nourished the skin while detoxifying, since acne can really wreck havoc to the skin barrier with inflammation and sometimes dryness.

To get the results I was looking for, I decided to blend clays with gentle, yet powerful, activated charcoal, and a blend of flowers and herbs that offer healing, exfoliating, and antibacterial properties.

This mask is formulated for anyone that is acne prone or struggles with clogged pores. The beauty of a powder mask is that you can customize it to your skin. For instance, if you have oily skin or combination skin, you can mix the paste with  green tea for extra antioxidants and sebum balancing action. If you have dry skin, you can mix the mask with yogurt or milk (a good vegan option is coconut milk/yogurt) which will moisturize while also gently exfoliating.


What other products from your line do you recommend for summer?
Our Night Clarifying Treatment is a wonderful oil to use in the summer if you struggle with breakouts. This oil is fantastic at clearing the skin, especially when combined with our Neroli Clarifying Toner. It is also rich in antioxidants which helps prevent sun damage. This oil can be used day or night.

Our Night Regenerative Balm is a great night moisturizer after a day of sun exposure. This rich balm will help calm any redness and inflammation caused by the sun, and will help quench free radicals with antioxidants like vitamin C.

Our Activated Charcoal + Dead Sea Salt Soap is a wonderful complexion soap to have around in the summer! The perfect face soap for acne prone skin, this bar can also be used for the body to combat body acne.


Thanks Dominique!

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