Adventures in Aging: CF in Costa Rica

CF is in Costa Rica this month, celebrating sun, surf, and Ingrid’s 50th birthday. Find out what keeps the CF founders coming back to Costa Rica, how they stay eco-conscious while travelling, and Ingrid’s thoughts on turning 50. (Spoiler alert: she’s ready to rock it!)

Costa Rica is a particular CF favourite. You visit frequently, what keeps you coming back?

We just built a house in Samara. It’s so relaxing, and at the same time, so sparkly and alive. There’s a higher frequency here that is so exhilarating and exhausting. The food is incredible (fabulous mangos and pineapples). The beach is other-worldly, and the people are so lovely. The vibe is completely different in Costa Rica. It’s authentic, slow-moving and close to nature.


Aside from the awesome food and beaches, how does your day change when you’re in Samara?

I find when I’m here my natural clock shifts. It’s pretty amazing actually. I wake up with the sun (5:30/6 am) and go to bed around 8:30/9 pm. It feels natural and right.

How would you characterize your travel style?

I wish I could say I am a minimalist but that would be a flat out lie! I carry a lot of stuff, which can come in handy. I always have lots of different sunscreens, essential oils, natural hand sanitizers, bug sprays, snacks, and lip balms on-hand. I guess you could say I’m prepared for anything!

How do you stay green and eco-conscious when you're travelling?

I carry water bottles, cloth/reusable bags, stainless steel straws and reusable cutlery on me always, just like when I'm home in Toronto.   



Ingrid is carrying the Market String Bag from CredoBags.

Which products are your get-away must haves?

I like multi-use products like Graydon’s Face Glow (a bronzer with spf) and MJ Herbal’s First Aid Salve. I always bring the Living Libations Frankincense Oil (it’s amazing for bug/wasp bites). Peppermint Oil is also a godsend for jet lag, fatigue and brain fog. Sometimes my skin breaks out in the heat so Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask works wonders and I love Raw Elements Eco Tint Stick for on-the-go sun care (my daughter loves it too!)


You recently turned 50. What were you most excited about when it came to this milestone birthday? 

I wasn’t excited at all to tell you the truth. I didn’t really embrace it until the day I turned 50, and then I was like, “what’s the big deal? I am who I am and life is amazing. Let’s rock this!” 


How did you celebrate?

Honestly, it was kind of strange for me. Tom asked me for months what I wanted to do, and I kept avoiding the question. It felt like a big deal and I was pretty nervous about how it was going to feel.  I knew we were coming to Costa Rica a week after my birthday but I was unsure as to how I wanted to celebrate on the actual day.

I ended up having a small gathering with close friends, some of which came in from out of town. I felt very loved and supported. After all that, turning 50 was relaxing and sweet.

One thing I would say is that marking these occasions is really important. I’m so glad we celebrated. Being on this planet is such a gift and making it to these milestone birthdays is very special.



Any advice for getting older while staying young?

Hangout with people you love that make you laugh. Go for long walks. Stretch. Do things that scare you. Drink teas, smoothies, water, staying hydrated is so important for our bodies as they age. Keep perusing how to leave the world a better place; healing the planet will heal us individually. Put down your phone and pay attention. Just breathe.


When I turned 50,I had a celebration of women. In many cultures the aged woman is revered and honoured. So I took that attitude,invited 6 female friends (my age or older). I asked them to write down what they believed to be the most important lesson in their own life. We each had a candle and as we shared what we had written , the candle that was in each hand was lit……..until all were lit ….we drank Champagne and ate sweet goodies and had a wonderful and uplifting time.
Thank you for sharing your 50th birthday adventure…..🤗

I love your outlook on aging, beauty, the planet. I am turning 49 this year and try to ive each day with gratitude. Thank you for sharing!

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