A Multi-Purpose Balm for the Low-Mai Amongst Us

Growing up, my mother would drive us to school and apply her trademark pink lipstick at stoplights, us kids bundled in the back of the car. We’d screech into the school parking lot just as the bell rang, then she’d careen off to work. Who has time for a full makeup routine? Not my working mom. 

I have inherited this low-mai approach to beauty. When I’m not on set, I run around the city teaching yoga. On these super active days, I want to let my sensitive skin breathe. I do need to look somewhat presentable, so as I drive to my classes, (why fight genetics?) I apply a slick of Ossio e Ollio Balm No. 9, a peachy pink pick-me-up to my lips and cheeks. I adore the dewy shimmery glow the sticks provide. This all-in-one wand for lips, cheeks and eyes fits my mandate for simple beauty solutions, and doesn’t weigh down my yoga bag. 

For an audition or a night out, Balm No. 13, with its deeper red hue, offers a little extra drama. The barely-there shimmer delivers a rosy tinted glow. I look brighter and healthier, and feel uplifted by the soft grapefruit scent. 

Balm No. 1, a clear version of the sticks, is also staple in my handbag. It soothes dry patches on my face, calms the eczema spots I get, and even tames flyaways and split ends when I want a smooth do. 

My gardener’s hands get worked in the warmer months as I spend hours in my garden in at my home in Prince Edward County, and the olive oil and shea butter soothe my cuticles. 

Made with just four clean, simple ingredients by a small company in Portland, Oregon, these sticks are a cult favourite. I know what my mom is getting for Mother’s Day. In the brightest pink possible of course!


Meet our new Beauty Adventurista, Anna Hardwick

My name is Anna Hardwick. I’m a nature freak, a health nut, a professional actress, yogini, hotelier and world traveler. I am on a constant quest for the cleanest, greenest skincare to soothe my dry, sensitive, Celtic skin. I love exploring Clementine Fields’ beautifully curated skincare lines — they fit my mandate for organic, sustainable and eco-conscious products. I have a low-mai vibe, and dig simplicity. I’ll happily indulge my skincare obsession in the name of dry sensitive skin sufferers everywhere, and share my discoveries with you. Keep in touch with me here or on Instagram as @ladyhardwick or come visit me at The Ferg, my inn in Prince Edward County.

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