Yarok Feed Your Hold Sustaining Hairspray



It is sometimes thought at the outset of switching to a green beauty routine that concessions must be made in which various products must be disregarded, as no alternative quite measures up. This is especially a worry when it comes to hair products. NYC brand Yarok offers sustainable, vegan and healthy hair care, and does not simply replace their non-green counterparts, but stands above them yielding more desirable results.

One product Yarok has mastered (of many) is strong hold hairspray. Though 'strong hold' may conjure the image of an immovable bouffant; hair holding it's own against the wind, there is a place for all day hold in your hair care kit. Consider great hair days, blowouts, updos, braids and twists that need to be kept in place. Yarok Feed Your Hold Sustaining Hairspray is your mane's gal Friday. 

When misted lightly onto hair, the vegan and cruelty-free spray keeps strands in place throughout the day with no sticki-ness or crunch. The alcohol-free and non-drying formula consents to regular use. Notice the fresh scent and it's a no-brainer. Yarok makes it easy to go green with your routine and sacrifice nothing. 


Pick up one here. Try the travel size (20z) for touch ups on the go.


Yarok Feed Your Hold Sustaining Hairspray, $24


Guest blog - AVL

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