Fall Into It: 5 Ways to Embrace Yourself this Season


How lucky we are to live in a country that offers us such a beautiful and bountiful variety of seasons. As we say goodbye to summer days of luxuriating in the sun, we envelop the warmth of fall and it's comforts; preparing for the calm solace of winter days to come. Though the fall often ushers in busy days, the longer evenings prompt a return to routine, something we've perhaps been compromising on all summer. 



Here are 5 ways to make the most of you while you make the most of the season. 


1/ Get Cozy: Snuggle up with blankets, a good movie or a great new book and candlelight. 

 Try: Phoster Freedom Beeswax Candle , $43


2/ Embrace: Cooler days welcome a stronger palate, comfort your senses with a vibrant fragrance, something heady, something gorgeous. 

 Try: Vered Orgainic Botanicals Signature Scent Perfume, $120


 3/ Take Care: Longer nights bring more down time. When cozied up on the couch, wrap your hands and feet with a balm to protect and head off dryness.

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4/ Layer: This time of year calls for a few more minutes in the shower, radiating in the warmth of the water. When finally you turn off the tap, reach for a body oil rich in natural ingredients, then follow with a moisturizer for double the comfort and added hydration. 

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5/ Spice It Up: Take inspiration from the many shades of nature and paint tips and toes with burnt oranges and rich reds.

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Fall is a time to give in, to be thankful. This autumn, be warm, inviting. Give your body gratitude knowing the holidays and festivities are soon upon us. It's time to say thank you to yourself for enjoying all that life and it's many seasons have to offer. Exhale. Embrace. Know that it's okay to just fall into it all.

Guest blog by AVL


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