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When perusing beauty products, I'm often swayed by packaging and and pledges; the promises of transformation excite me. The Kahina Giving Beauty lineup featuring violet glass bottles and pure ingredients, offers the initial rush of finding a great product, followed with satisfaction of efficacy. Best of all, Kahina Giving Beauty is a company facilitating change by transforming the lives of the women behind the brand's star ingredient.

Founded by Katherine L'Heureux after a 2007 trip to Morocco, Kahina Giving Beauty features the multipurpose and rare argan oil. Argan oil comes from the kernel of the argan tree, a plant unique to Morocco. Relatively new on the beauty front, (only a few products containing argan oil were available in North America six years ago, compared to hundreds today), it's praises have been sung loud and clear from the corner of every beauty closet over the last few years. No doubt, the beauty benefits of argan oil read a substantial list: nourishing to the skin and hair, healing for dryness and burns, fine line minimizing, antioxidant-rich. Argan oil also contains Vitamin E and a high percentage of fatty acids, promotes moisture retention, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil is 100% pure organic argan oil, of the highest quality. Harvested by indigenous Berber artisans, L'Heureux regularly visits the co-ops in which her Argan oil is sourced, connecting with the women that make her product, ensuring they are paid a fair wage and treated properly. The argan nuts are cracked by hand by the women, using age-old techniques, then modern methods are used for cold-pressing, which safeguard the integrity of the oil. 


Kahina Giving Beauty is an ECOCERT company with a lineup of just over ten products containing organic argan oil. From the simple and luxe Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Soap Trio, which contains a short list of natural ingredients, (and works for both body and hair), to the more refined Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream, (winner of the Beauty Shortlist for Best Argan Oil Product in 2013), all of the products embody the true point of natural beauty: to positively transform the world from start to finish.                                          


                                                                                              Guest Blog by AVL

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