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Beauty That Is Luxurious And Organic


There’s a new online beauty boutique that specializes in organic luxury products from across North America that are natural and luscious! Hello, Clementine Fields!

The mandate of the company is not only about  offering organic beauty and being natural, but also about being pretty enough to sit on any vanity table!

Ingrid, who’s career is in acting, recently launched the online company based on her own personal experience. “I was researching skin care products for myself a few years ago and realized that many products on the shelves today contain so many chemicals.” says Ingrid. “I want to minimize my family’s exposure to chemicals as much as I can. However, it wasn’t easy to find products that were all natural and organic that were appealing to me. I had discovered some really beautiful lines and I thought these amazing products should be more accessible.”




I met with Ingrid downtown yesterday and was introduced  to some of the skincare lines she has personally sourced from reputable companies from around the world including a few Canadians. Not only are the products better for you, but the scents are amazing (gone are the days of smelling like oatmeal, unless you like that of course) and the packaging will rival any high end luxury beauty brands. Which made me think that these would be amazing and very thoughtful gift ideas!



miniOrganics is a line from Australia that is perfect for moms-to-be and babies. Ingrid mentioned that recently Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to loving the miniOrganics Nipple Balm– and uses it on her lips! There are really cute gift bundles already to go on the site that I’m loving for the next baby shower gift I need.



You may be interested in alternative sun protection for you and for baby. SUNTEGRITY is a line that this site carries. It’s Baby SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen is free of harsh chemicals, vega and offers broad-spectrum protection and perfect for not only kids but adults who have sensitivities to scents.

Looking for alternatives to drug store deodorant options? Clementine Fields carries  CRAWFORD STREET‘s Lemon Deodorant Cream. It’s a citrus scented cream that is completely natural that includes over ten essential oils that deodorize, is antibacterial and antifungal. There’s no aluminum or parabens. I had posted a photo of this product on my personal Facebook page and my a few of my friends have already tried this and are raving! So, it’s on my shopping list.



Summer means bug season and they are way too friendly on me! So, GRAYDON Outdoor Spray is on my list. The product is based on a traditional Metis recipe and has been tested at The University of Guelph to keep the buggers away! Safe for kids and pets too.

Beside from beauty, Clementine Fields also 0ffers a range of household items and every product by this retailer is researched and meets Environmental Working Group’s standards — and parent approved!

The recently launched site offers free delivery to anywhere in Canada on orders $50  and up (free on order of $150 or more to the U.S.) and packaged beautifully! Please go and check out this amazing site. Some of the lines are exclusively sold through Clementine Fields too!

Percentage of the sales is donated to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada supporting research in finding a cures.

Now, how beautiful is this solid perfume in a shell by Roots Rose Radish???!!!!! The scent is light and fresh too!



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