Our interview with Vered Back - Creator of Vered Organic Botanicals




I discovered Vered Organic Botanicals when I was reading a blog post on one of my favourite websites. I loved her philosophies about skincare and wellness and decided to contact her. Her magic potions have been a mainstay in my skincare routine and I was so happy that she was interested in answering our questions about her line and what inspires her.




What led you to start your own line of skincare?


It has been a long journey and a lot happened to bring me to that path. I have been working with essential oils for 23 years and was amazed by their benefits for the skin, our health, and the mind. However, at that point I was too busy helping my clients on a daily basis and didn’t even think about creating a line.  I used to always give my clients the leftovers of the oils that I would custom blend for their treatment. They always loved this, and said that they cherished their little vial. Then a few years ago I got really sick. I didn’t understand what was happening to me as I had always had a clean lifestyle and good nutrition. After a few years, I realized conventional medicine had no answers or solutions for me. This made me understand that it’s just going to be me helping myself. With that knowledge I dove deep into herbalism and managed to bring myself back to life.  Most of the herbs that I used to heal myself internally I use today in my products. Besides my clients were begging me to come out with my own product range. But I wasn’t ready until I felt that I had something very special to offer, and combining the essential oils with the therapeutic herbs are the perfect combination to achieve the best result that I looking for.



What 's the most important thing a person can do (other than using your amazing line) in order to have good skin?


I would say the most important thing is to have the proper diet. Personally, I suggest the Blood Type Diet by Dr. D’Adamo. But in general people with problematic skin means that they have too much heat in their body, and they need to remove all the foods that are causing inflammation and creating yeast. They should use herbs and oils that are more anti-inflammatory. Dairy, wheat and sugar are major culprits. For women with dry skin, I definitely recommend a diet that involves essential fatty acids and more nourishing herbs and oils. Avoid coffee, and chill on the alcohol, as they are both very dehydrating.



What type of skin benefits most from your line?


There is something for everyone in my line. I didn’t leave anyone out, not even the men!  The Therapeutic balancing oil, the Herb Infused Toner, and the Detox mask are good for problematic skin since they have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal herbs.  For people with normal to dry skin I have the Herb Infused Toner, Anti-aging oil, Anti-wrinkle eye oil (that are good for both) Le Chocolate Citrus Face Scrub and the Cacao Vanilla Beauty Mask. Those all contain nourishing and antioxidant herbs and oils. Men LOVE the Therapeutic Balancing Oil, The Herb Infused Toner, Deep Citron Perfume and the Muscle Soothe Body Oil.



What inspires the amazing scents your products have?


In one word ~ Nature.



Do you have a photo that inspires you?


I took this picture when I was at my healers place. It was so beautiful and vibrant. Vered means Rose in Hebrew and it is also my favorite essential oil.



You can take a closer look at Vered's line of beautiful products here.

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