Digital Detox Day: Step Away From Tech to Relax

March 4th is Reboot's National Day of Unplugging. There's even an event in San Francisco called Unplug SF, an all day event calling for “No phones, no digital technology, no work talk, no networking.”

The benefits of putting down our devices are many, including better posture, more eye contact and a more approachable attitude, among other positive perks (according to this study). There's also the opportunity for more creative thinking when Google's answers aren't a few clicks away, as well as better sleep and improved memory. 

Sounds like a movement we can get behind!

In our way of taking time out from our devices, we're suggesting to close the laptops, turn off Netflix, put our phones away, and exchange our digital readers for real books and real peace and quiet. 

We picked a few items from the Osmia Organics line that are perfectly suited to taking it easy, taking your time, and taking time off. Make it a mini-spa day – take a bath!

A couple of things you'll need for your digital detox soak:

  • Candles
  • Fresh, clean towels
  • Soft music (records or Cds, no iPhones allowed)
  • A good paper book (no iPads or Kindles allowed!)
  • These 4 amazing products to cleanse, soften, soothe and hydrate skin (below)

We suggest using the routine below to get the most from your bathing experience:

1/ Soothe
Start things off by running a warm bath and sprinkling in a couple of handfuls of this lavender-infused salt blend. French, grey sea salt and epsom salts are coated with organic oils infused with wild lavender grown and harvested by Osmia. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, head back, and relax.

2/ Lather
Not just a bar of soap, this bar creates a rich, creamy, lather to cleanse and purify skin. Suds between palms and wash, enjoying the sensual scent and way it turns the bath milky and luxe. Luxuriate for a while. Tuning out external factors and tuning into your own thoughts, hopes, dreams and ambitions.

3/ Hydrate
As you feel relaxed and energized, take a moment at the end of your bath, just before you jump out to add a handful of this luxe, soothing and relaxing scented oil. Drizzle it into your bath to moisturize and hydrate skin, or alternatively, apply to wet skin just prior to towelling off. 

4/ Massage
Finally, smooth this luxe whipped body mouse over skin, giving special attention to heels, knees, elbows and any other dry areas. Be sure to give belly, buttocks and breasts a gentle massage to work the shea butter and jojoba formula into skin, while rejuvenating and getting circulation to these areas. 

5/ Inhale
Take some time post-bath to relax. Wander around your neighbourhood, take the dog for a walk, saunter to the corner cafe to read a little more. The point is to detach from your devices, reconnect with yourself and nature, and be in the moment.



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