5 Foods to Hydrate Skin in Dry Climates

For those of us in the colder climates, we're in the dead of winter right now – and it's no picnic: The harsh dry air, indoor heating and general soul-sucking feeling of tight dry skin is at it's peak. How we long for the days of summer when we complained about the heat. We may have been sweaty, but our skin sure looked luminous.

Fear not, there's more that can be done to help our delicate skin keep it's precious moisture besides what we slather on top of it. (Layer your skincare this time of year, that's imperative.)
There's also food. We know that what we eat has an impact on how our skin looks and feels, which means we can feed ourselves some goodies to help our skin get through this season. Here are 5 edibles that you probably have in your pantry or fridge already to help heal and protect your skin from old man Winter.

1/ Rock Salt
It seems counter-intuitive to add salt when there’s so much of it outside, but a few pebbles of a good rock salt like Himalayan pink salt dropped in your water will actually help your body to retain water as you drink it by plumping up cells. Also, remember to sip slowly, giving your body time to absorb water and not just flushing it through your system. *Bonus tip: If you find you drink less water in the winter, try drinking warm water instead of cold. 

2/ Apple Cider Vinegar
An important part of having healthy skin, is PH Balance. Balance is everything, right? ACV is your friend here, using it’s alkalinity to balance the PH of the digestive system, which benefits the skin. Make sure you use an organic, unrefined version that says "With the Mother" on the label. Take a teaspoon in the morning, or use it in salad dressings.

3/ Almond Milk
The best stuff is the kind you make yourself, but if that’s not likely to happen, choose one without sugar that is fortified with vitamins and calcium. Almond milk is packed with Vitamin E, which helps to keep skin moisturized. According to Jolene Hart’s book Eat Pretty, the Vitamin E content in almond milk helps to boost skin's moisture. Drink a glass in the morning, or mix it with chia seeds and berries for a midday snack, or throw some on your cereal or in a smoothie.

4/ Turmeric
Fresh is best but ground will do too. The key ingredient in here is curcumin, so taking a daily supplement is a good idea. Curcumin reduces inflammation in the body and can help with reactive skin and redness caused by internal factors and spending too much time in the icy outdoors. Try making our DIY booster shot, or using it in soups and stews. You can also mix a little with Almond milk for a double hydration boost. 

5/ Oil
Remember the days when people thought fats were bad? We don’t want to either, because we love our oils. Olive, Avocado, coconut, even butter has fatty benefits. Besides actually slathering oils on your skin, make sure you eat them. Put them in dressings, use as a spread, or take a spoonful each day of a super healthy omega fish oil to boost your reserves of healthy fats and keep your skin plump.

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