The BKR Teeny Collection & DIY H20 Infusions

Good things come in small packages: Introducing the BKR Teeny water bottle collection. The same stylish glass bottle with colourful silicone protector now in a size that fits in your purse.

We all know how vital drinking water is to our health, but we often don't get enough throughout the day. Plastic water bottles are bad for the environment and our health, and filling up a cup at our desks pretty much just doesn't happen. We find that often the key to doing something on the regular is having a tool that makes it easier. Bonus points if that tool is pretty to look at, lovely to hold and all around a stylish accessory to brighten up our lives. 

BKR is that tool. Silicone-wrapped glass, with an easy-to-sip from top, free from BPAs and Phthalates, it's FDA approved and comes with a food grade cap. It comes it a multitude of shades to suit your style.

So from now on, when heading out for the day, the final check is: Keys, wallet, cellphone and BKR.


Bonus Water Infusions! 

Inspired by the new collection, we created 4 water infusions to put the Oh! in your H20.

To make a water infusion, simply fill a jug with clean fresh, cold water and then drop in a handful of each ingredient. Let chill overnight in the fridge, and in the morning, top up your BKR with the infused water and off you go. Here's to hydration!

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1/ Elle (Opaque pastel fluorescent coral): Dried rose petals and a vanilla bean.

2/ Bisous (Sheer pinkish cherry red): Strawberries and basil leaves.

3/ Juliet (Opaque lavender): Lavender stalks and orange slices.

4/ Boss (Opaque purplish navy): Blackberries and lemon slices



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