7 Green Beauty Gifts Perfect for Teens

Looking for the greenest and healthiest gifts for everyone you know? Don’t forget the young ladies on your list!


Giving the gift of green beauty extends beyond pretty packaging. It’s a true offering of self care when it means you’re giving health and toxic-free beauty. And it’s especially important to young women and their development. Give the gift of health and beauty this season.


Here are seven green beauty gifts perfect for teens.


1. Elate Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner
A matte black eyeliner that is gentle for sensitive eyes, gluten-free, and cruelty-free is a great gift for a young woman coming into her own excited about playing with colour cosmetics. Bonus points for watching YouTube videos with her until she learns how to paint it on perfectly. 


2. Apoterra Skincare Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt Complexion Soap

We're all sensitive about our skin, but do you remember the angst that comes with spots and pimples? No harsh cleansers necessary, just pop one of these beauties in her stocking. Dead sea salt, activated charcoal, and tea tree oil remove impurities while keeping skin soft and balanced.


3. Graydon All Over Face and Body Lotion

For girls on the go, nothing beats a two-in-one. This lotion is great to have on hand for times like accidental sleep ins, or tossed into a gym bag to go from after school sports to dinner with the family. Rosemary, lavender and blood orange make for a blend she'll be happy to use anytime.  


4. S.W. Basics Lip Balm Flight

You know what they say, four lip balms are better than one. Especially when it's a quad of cult fave beauty line, SW Basics. Organic cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils smooth and soften chapped lips, creating a base perfect for lip colour or lip gloss. 


5. Elate Cosmetics Vibrant Lipstick
Speaking of lip gloss, these delightful shades are sure to be a win. From a bubblegum pink to a deep berry, Elate has a colour for every mood, for every girl. Shea and mango butter make for polished pout, and organic vanilla essential oil sweetens the deal. Pucker up!


6. Crawford Street Deodorant
A safe and natural deodorant is a must for teens. Instead of blocking sweat like an anti-perspirant with chemicals, this products uses essential and natural oils to help the body regulate sweat on its own. It really works!


7. Clementine Fields Gift Card

Can’t decide on something from our selection? No problemo! Get her a CF gift card so she can shop for what she thinks is so cool right now.




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