7 Essentials for Your Active Fall Lifestyle (Under $50!)

As the sun sets on summer days, our steps quicken with the cool breeze and skittering leaves. Welcome or not, we're back to a familiar pace; hurried routines, shorter days, and an eagerness to appreciate the nuances of fall.

Here are seven products (under $50!) to get you through the highs and joys of Autumn activities.

ACTIVITY: Your Crisp Morning Workout 
ESSENTIAL: Age Quencher Hydrate Beauty Electrolyte
An early morning fall workout means rising with the dewy darkness. The crisp morning air is a motivation in itself. Keep cells hydrated with a formula designed specifically by a naturopath to combat fatigue and fight free radical damage.

ACTIVITY: Non-Stop Action with the Kids
ESSENTIAL: Zoe Organics Everything Balm on Hand.
School mornings, afternoon pick-ups, play dates, and extra-curriculars can have you going non-stop all week. Treat dry spots, chapped lips, and sore spots with this do-all balm made for the entire family. Shea butter, coconut and jojoba oils keep it natural for everyone.

ACTIVITY: All-Day Meetings to Drinks and Dinner
ESSENTIAL: Ilia Beauty Colour Haze
Is it just us, or does fall mean everyone is working at a more intense pace? Meetings fill up our days and often mean we're bolting from our desks and heading straight to meet friends and lovers for post-work drinks and dinner. With little time to touch up our makeup, we need a product that lasts. Enter Ilia's Colour Haze - a matte lip stain that sticks.

ACTIVITY: Hitting the Books for a Late-Night Studying Sesh
ESSENTIAL: Living Libations Peppermint Essential Oil

All-nighters are no fun. Your brain needs sleep to retain all of that important info. But, we know all about it: sometimes you've gotta stay awake into the wee hours for your future's sake. Keep those grades up with a perky essential oil that does double duty: not only will a quick whiff invigorate and refresh your tired mind, but studying with a specific scent can help you remember what you learned when it's crunch time.

ACTIVITY: Strolling and Exploring Fall Markets 
ESSENTIAL: Dans Le Sac Reusable Bag
Fresh local produce deserves the royal treatment before it gets blended into your morning smoothie or chopped and roasted in a super salad. Make sure your market hauls are done in style with a Canadian-made organic tote specifically created for bunches of carrots, selections of squash, and those adorable tiny pumpkins.

ACTIVITY: Weekend Cottage Getaways
ESSENTIAL: Rahua Smoothing Hair Balm
The final days at the cottage are bittersweet. Running jumps off the end of the dock are replaced with still moments gazing out over the cool lake. There's a charge in the air, and we can literally feel it amongst the changing leaves – and our flyaway hair. Pack one of these in your bag to tame those stray strands that take on a mind of their own as soon as the temperature drops.


ACTIVITY: A Well-Deserved Self Care Spa Night 
ESSENTIAL: Apoterra Skincare Tulsi Rejuvenating Oil
Settling into a hot bath at the end of a long week is enhanced with a deliciously scented body oil that soothes body and mind. Essential oils of lavender and evening primrose create a sense of calm and balance, while base oils olive and sunflower nourish and hydrate tired skin for a soak that'll quickly become a ritual.



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