Behind the Brand: Hynt Beauty

Hynt Beauty is one of our newest makeup lines. We're so excited to stock this ethical green lineup. We thought you'd like to get to know Hynt's founder a little better, so here is Meryl Marshall, Hynt's President and Chief Product Officer, to tell you about her brand and what products she's using, in her own words. Thanks for sharing, Meryl!

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. After my surgeries and treatment I began the journey of researching the safety of things such as the food I eat, cleaning products and products I use on my body. I did extensive research and asked many questions. I was shocked to learn that many of the products that I was using were potentially harmful to myself and my family. I previously thought that if a product was on the market, there were regulations in place regarding their safety.

I started to make small changes and over time was able to completely overhaul over to a healthier lifestyle which included scrutinizing the products out on the market. I was able to find healthier makeup but it was so difficult to find the textures and colors that I was accustomed to in feminine, upscale packaging. I just don’t feel that wood packaging or clinical white is appealing, even if they signify green beauty. I wanted to create a brand that connotes the message of ‘trust and love.’ An affordable brand that can be relied on to exude professional quality, gorgeous, sexy packaging and adhere to a strict blacklist of ingredients that are unacceptable in the formulations.

I use our hot selling Skin Prep every night before bed. This product has a high percentage of Algae and Hyaluronate Acid that is very moisturizing without being greasy. I hate anything greasy. It gets all over my pillowcase and hair. I find that this product brightens my skin. I always recommend Skin Prep to those with acneic skin as it has anti-acne properties without irritation.

I use our Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen religiously every morning as a primer prior to makeup application. I cannot express how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. Never, ever rely on makeup for sun protection. This Dimethicone free product provides an excellent canvas and really works well with our makeup. Dimethicone causes those milea hard bumps on my skin.

Next I apply our Duet Perfecting Concealer, a cult favorite of makeup artists, bloggers and fans. A tiny bit is all you need. Squeeze out a small bead of product onto your hand and gently warm it with your finger. Apply with a gentle stippling motion onto areas that need concealing like under eyes, hyperpigmentation or scars. You may use a clean concealer brush or a sponge but I apply this with my finger. Duet Concealer is a multi-tasker: great as an eyeshadow primer, mix with liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer to boost coverage; or my favorite, mix with moisturizer for a dynamite tinted moisturizer. I use the dark shade as a contour for my party nights. Lumiere mixed with a bit of Skin Prep makes a gorgeous strobe effect below the outer eye, over the cheekbone.

No one wants to look like they are wearing makeup. Your skin should look completely natural even in daylight. When I want more coverage, traveling or in the case of the rare touch up, I adore our Encore Pressed Powder.

My recommendations for a classic Fall look is to not be afraid to choose some darker shades for lips, eyes and cheeks. Right now, I am loving our Perfetto Khaki Star eyeshadow in the crease of the eye and smudged into the outer corner and even along the lash line which I smudge with my Forte Brown Eye Liner. It really brings out the glints of gold in my brown eyes. I also enjoy using our Suite Eyeshadow Palettes in Sweet Mulberry and Sweet Canyon.

I am also in mad love with our vegan Aria Pure Lipsticks. I am always rotating the shades but my absolute favorite is Pomegranate. What can I say? Some women are obsessed with shoes…me? I collect lipstick. Lipstick transforms the face. It took months working with a formulator until we got the right formulation. I am very proud of this special product. We are very excited to partner with Clementine Fields and look forward to a long relationship in sharing healthier cosmetics with our friends in Canada."

– Meryl Marshall President, Chief Product Officer at Hynt Beauty


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