A Quick Chat with Lisa Labute of the Goods

Lisa Labute is the owner of Toronto healthy food shop, the Goods. Born from her love affair with delicious raw and whole foods, the Goods is a much needed resource for on-the-go lunches all over the city. Her Dundas food shop literally delivers the goods straight to your door. We chatted with Lisa about the journey to starting her own business, being part of a community, and what she loves most about feeding people healthy food. 

1/ Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’ve been living in Toronto for 15 years but was born and raised in Tecumseh, Ontario. My first career was in advertising, where I was a producer and account manager for over a decade. After a transformative experience with raw foods I quit the ad biz to and travelled Canada, the US and parts of Asia learning as much as I could about healing food. From there the Goods was born.

2/ What is something surprising most people might not know about you?
People are surprised to know I spent the first 29 years of my life hating vegetables and refusing to eat them.

3/ Your food shop, the Goods, delivers healthy meals to busy working people (as well as takeout). What was the driving force behind creating this business?
The driving force was the transformative experience I had in my late 20s. I began integrating a lot of raw, organic vegetables. It healed my body, expanded my heart and opened my mind. Essentially food changed everything and I knew I needed to help others experience its power. If I made the food and brought it to them I thought my customers might eat it regularly and feel the difference. It worked.

4/ What is your favourite way to stay healthy?
Well I’m pretty fortunate, my favourite way to stay healthy is by eating the Goods once or twice a day... often times all day.

5/ What do you love most about creating recipes and meals for your customers?
I love how excited our customers get when they realize a quick takeout meal can be satisfying, delicious and entirely good for them. You see light in their eyes, they get it.

6/ What is one thing someone can do that will make the biggest difference in their health or wellness?
A green smoothie everyday, simple blended organic greens, veggies and fruit like apples and pears and purified water. Keep it clean and drink them on the regular. I swear by it.

7/ What would you say to someone hoping to someday launch their own health or food inspired business?
Find what inspires you the most about conscious food and learn everything you can, you’ll need passion, a thirst for knowledge and stamina to do what needs to be done. It will take more effort than you can imagine but the experience will be exciting and incredibly satisfying.

8/ What is the most rewarding thing about running the Goods?
It’s rewarding to have created something from nothing and to know my energy is going towards something I believe can change the world.

9/ Small business like the Goods support a local economy and provide an opportunity to improve the health of the neighbourhood and city. Do you feel you’ve changed the local landscape around you? How so?
Small business is powerful within a community. I believe the Goods has helped change the way people see food. Offering a truly clean, handcrafted convenient lunch option, is in stark contrast to other takeout and delivery options. Our regulars have had the experience of eating well and know how it makes them feel. Once you’ve felt the power of food, you’ll make more mindful choices. It’s a positive side effect.

10/ Finally, do you have any favourite natural beauty products to share with readers?
My favourite natural beauty product is pure Argan Oil. I use it to remove my eye makeup as well as moisturize my face. I rub it into the ends of my hair when it’s feeling a bit dry or frizzy too.

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