5 Products Under $50 for Dry Winter Prep

No matter your skin type, the colder fall and winter temperatures can affect your skin. You may start to notice some dryness, flakiness, tight lips or itchiness. Good thing is, we have a bunch of natural remedies in stock.

Here are 5 healing green beauty wonders, all under $50, that will help you prepare for the dry winter season ahead. (Also check out our 5 Under $50 post for Mature skin.)

1/ John Masters Organics Rose & Apricot Antioxidant Day Cream
The key to keeping skin soft during the dry season is to layer your moisture. Start with serum, and then layer a cream on top. This cream, high in Omega-6, hydrates and protect and will also prep skin for foundation or concealer, and keeping the layer of oil or serum beneath intact.

2/ SW Basics Oil Serum
An oil or serum is a must in the cold. This one is both. Layer under cream for ultimate hydration, and apply before bed to keep the indoor heat from stealing moisture why you sleep.

3/ Osmia Organics Night Body Oil
Your face isn't the only part of you that needs extra moisture this season. Stay on top of it with a soothing body oil containing lavender, chamomile, and cedar. Smooth on heels, shins, elbows, arms and shoulders before bed, or pour some in the bath and soak all over. Hydrating now will help when the mercury drops really low – your skin will feel less tight and you'll make it through the cold more comfortably.

4/ Graydon Superfood Mask & Scrub
With 19 superfoods, this powder mask is perfect for gently buffing away dead skin, dry flakes, and for keeping skin in top shape and prepped for serum and cream. Mix with water to cleanse quickly, or blend with yogurt for a ten-minute treat. 

5/ Ilia Beauty Balmy Days Lip Balm
A lip balm this time of year is a must. One that works extremely well to protect and hydrate, carry this one everywhere with you to care for lips and keep them soft.

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