Fresh Faced: 10 Concealer and Foundation Tips

Creating a natural-looking base should to be easy. Using natural products, and a couple of simple tips – it is. 

The first thing to remember is that your cover up shouldn't be covering up as much as it should simply be subtly creating a more even skin tone. Secondly, it doesn't matter if you apply concealer before foundation or after, and you don't often need both. You can use one or the other, or neither. Take your time to asses what your skin needs and apply accordingly. 

Here are 10 tips for you to mix and match to get your glow on.


The point of concealer is to spot correct obvious distractions like pimples, redness, spots and pigmentation issues. Concealer is not always necessary, but when used it should be applied with a very light touch and blended in really well. Here are 5 tips to for quick and simple concealer application.

1/ Prep
Before dotting on cover-up, be sure that the area where you're applying is moisturized, and isn’t dry or flaky. Otherwise, the product will stick, making the area look obvious and feel uncomfortable. Simply apply a touch of serum or lotion to the area, and wait a few moments. Then apply concealer.

2/ Use Your Fingers
Applying concealer with your fingers will help to warm up the product, and soften it, helping to blend it into the skin.

3/ Lighten the Product Load
Before applying concealer to face, tap off excess onto the back of your hand, and use it as a palette. This helps to control how much product you’re applying. 

4/ Press Into Skin
To make your product last longer, push concealer gently into the skin as you apply. Don’t overwork an area, just lightly layer and press to cover.

5/ Outer Corner of Eye First 
To cover undereye circles, start with the outer corner of eye and apply a touch there first. You’ll see that the entire eye looks a little bit brighter, and from there can cover more if necessary, remembering that the face should have dimension, and a slight darkness under the eyes is natural.


Foundation’s purpose is as base for colour makeup and to create a smooth canvas, creating a more even-looking skin. It’s important to keep a light hand, so that you can still see the skin. Too much coverage will look fake and feel heavy and unnatural. Here are 5 foundation tips for the perfect base.

1/ Tinted Moisturizer is Often Enough 
A light base is mostly all you need. If you been wearing a full coverage product for awhile, it may take a bit of getting used to something lighter and more sheer, but it can be enough to even things out. Try it and see.

2/ Start from the Centre of the Face
Using your fingers, as with concealer above, start applying at the nose, smoothing the product upward and outward toward the jawline and the hairline. This helps to avoid a line along the jaw and keep things light and seamless, as most redness and pigmentation to cover is toward the centre of the face and T-zone.

3/ Wipe Away Excess
If you feel you've applied too much, or to lessen the look of a heavy base, use a soft cotton pad and gently wipe away excess coverage.

4/ Step Back
Before moving on to the next step, whether blush, eye makeup or anything, let your base layer settle for a couple of minutes. Step away from the mirror and grab a glass of water or do something else then come back and finish your makeup. 

5/ Cream to Cream, Powder to Powder
When moving on to the next step, remember that application is best when you have like with like. You can apply powder on top of your foundation and then a powder blush, though a cream blush can go right on top of foundation. 

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