5 Products to Hydrate Your Dry Winter Skin

It might be a winter wonderland out there (when it’s not cold enough to freeze your tears), but the joys of the cold season can quickly be offset by the not-so-wonderful effects of cold dry air outside, and warm, dry, central heating inside.

Fret not, there’s hope. Sipping water throughout the day (from one of these), eating your leafy greens, and using the right products to take care of your skin, are all things you can do to keep your glow from the ski hill to the sofa.

Here are five winter-friendly faves.


Pai Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream
This is the day cream you need for going to work, slathering on post workout, or prepping skin for makeup. Hydrating and replenishing, it sinks into skin keeping dryness at bay and creating a smooth canvas for makeup. Keep one with your skin care and toss the other in your bag for travel and hitting the gym.  


May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon
There’s a reason we have so many positive reviews of this product: It works! Not only that, but it’s a decadent treat for all skin types. Use as a cleanser, hydrating balm, or even as a treatment: simply apply all over skin and wipe away to cleanse, then apply a thick layer and let it sit for ten to twenty minutes, gently wiping away excess and leaving a thin layer.


Living Libations RoseGlow Créme
This rose-tinted cream is is chock-full of hydrating and nourishing plants and essences to heal skin and keep it moisturized on the coldest of days. A potent blend of botanicals work together to keep flakes at bay and keep your skin healthy.


Tata Harper Nourishing Cleansing Oil
This time of year harsh cleansers and soap-based washes should take a backseat to more gentle formulas. Perfect for breaking down and rinsing away makeup at the end of the day, this cleansing oil doesn’t strip moisture from the skin, but breaks down dirt and the daily grind while keeping your skin’s protective barrier intact and leaving it feeling fresh and supple.


Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream was made for harsh weather and is the perfect antidote to a day out in the elements. Apres ski, or a long walk with the dog, or even a cold commute home, rinse skin with a gentle cleanser like the one mentioned above and apply a layer of this soothing and calming cream to skin, adding a second layer on dry areas like around the nose and lips.



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