5 July Must-Haves Under $50

Hello Summer! We are so ready to hit the beach/road/patio, are you? If you do, just remember to do so safely and keep washing your hands!

First, we suggest you stock up on this little list of must-haves under $50.


Raw Elements Eco Sticks 

Why must you have it? Well, soon it’s July, and that means that whatever you do and wherever you go, you’re likely to encounter the hot, hot sun. So be prepared and keep one of these in your bag. Your morning application of sunscreen was a super idea, but remember you need to reapply every 60 to 90 minutes! 


Olio E Osso #6

Why must you have it? One word- Bronze. This darling multi tasker gives you a fresh bronzed glow wherever you go. Use it on your forehead, nose and cheekbones so it looks like you've been basking in the sun all day long. Without the harmful rays of course.


Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow

Why must you have it? Get a golden brown, natural looking sunless tan. This formula is beautiful and leaves your skin hydrated and happy.


Aila Polish 

Why must you have it? Bright toes peeking out of cute sandals are a summer self-care treat! Alia has a large selection of trendy and classic shades that go on smooth and last. Try non-toxic polish for tips and toes this July.


Pai Comfrey & Calendula Body Cream 

Why must you have it? Dry skin burns faster in the sun, and the sun sucks moisture from the skin. Take care of skin pre-and-post sun with a calming organic body cream. Apply just out of the shower in the morning (before SPF) and again at the end of the day if you’ve been romping around in the gorgeous weather. 

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