A Quick Chat with April Gargiulo of Vinter's Daughter

April Gargiulo is the woman behind the new cult beauty serum, Vintner's Daughter. With praise coming in from beauty lovers everywhere, singing it's praises for being an infusion of 22 carefully chosen, active organic and wildcrafted botanicals. We took a few minutes to get to know April, get her take on her desert island staples, hear her best advice for building a business, and find out why she thinks the green beauty industry is so great. { Shop this story}.

1/ Tell us about yourself.
April: I'm a mother, wife, daughter, friend and vintner with a sincere passion for active, non-toxic skincare. 

2/ What is something surprising most people don’t know about you?
A: I have a deep appreciation for Rice Krispie treats. 

3/ Your brand has one amazing product, the Active Botanical Serum, can you tell us about how it was developed?
A: I was always looking for that one wonder product that would solve all my issues - acne, discoloration, elasticity, firmness, general radiance. When I became pregnant the stakes were raised because now it had to be non-toxic as well. I couldn’t find it, so I spent 2 years making my one hero, game changing product, Active Botanical Serum. It is the answer to all my skincare needs. (Check out the push/press technique April developed to activate her serum below.)

4/ Are you working on any additional products to your brand?
A: I'm focused on making one thing and making it the very best. 

5/ What are you most excited about in the green beauty industry right now?
A: The camaraderie of the green beauty community never ceases to amaze me. It is very much like the wine industry I grew up in, in that there is a pervading sense that high tides will rise all boats. I am very grateful for that generosity of spirit. 

6/ Do you have any advice for small business owners (and dreamers) for creating and launching a product?
A: Use the very best raw materials. Spend time sourcing them. Get to know the producers. Also, don’t compromise for someone else’s vision. Follow your own.

7/ What are your 3 desert island beauty staples?
A: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, sunscreen, hat.

8/ What one thing do you do to stay healthy, strong and energetic?
A: Meditate daily.

9/ What is your favourite tip for going green with beauty?
A: Find a stockist that you trust like Clementine Fields. Develop a relationship with them and let them guide you. 

10/ Any other big favourites in natural beauty products (besides your serum)? 
A: Kjaer Weis Mascara, Egyptian Magic, Suntegrity in Golden Light.

Thanks April!

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