Our Holiday Gift Guide (or how to make your life easy)

The holidays are fast approaching, and the cold weather is a brisk reminder of how close the season is. No worries, don’t panic, we know this time of year is hectic and busy with work, so we made shopping for your best friend to your boyfriend a lot easier. Below, check out our favourite gifts for you to share. 

First off, we want you to know, we offer on-call service to help you select the best gift. We’ll wrap it beautifully so your loved one is exceptionally pampered. Give us a call, or email us and let us take care of you.




Too busy or can’t decide? Not sure which products will be a hit? Try an instant gift: Print or share, no shipping no fuss, a Clementine Field’s Gift Card is the easiest way to get your gift to your gift-ee on time.




Pamper your Mom, Auntie or closest mentor this holiday season with a super luxe scented body oil by Vered. Handmade, original and heady, this is not your regular body product. She’ll thank you when her skin is smooth and she smells like a classic Hollywood starlet. Not sure she’ll use a body oil? Lurk Perfumes are a gifting go-to; fragrances that are new and natural but lay down the style and sultriness like their old-time counterparts. Give the gift that keeps on giving this year..  

If you’re iffy on fragrance, an eye cream by one of the world’s best known natural beauty brands is a hit for those quietly concerned with fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, but who may not splurge on their own. Let them know you know best with Tata Harper’s Restorative Eye Cream. You will be thanked.




She’s there for you when you’re down and out, and she’s got your back when it’s celebration time. So return the favour with a holiday gift to pamper her. From her head to her toes, we’ve got something. FYI: For these ladies, we suggest a gift basket – we’ll make it for you! Fill it with some of our favourites; La Bella Figura’s Hair Elixir is a treat and a necessity for the hair-obsessed, Tata Harper’s Body Oil is a winter skin delight, Alexis Smart Beauty Formula No. 8 is ideal for the lady always in limbo with her skin, and Osmia Organics has a perfume sampler for your sweet pal who can spend an entire day deciding which scent she’s into.

We’d also suggest May Lindstrom’s Brush and Bowl for the friend or sis over the moon for masques, and if you have a beauty-loving bud that can’t leave the house without her favourite lipstick or mascara, luxe it up and give her a gorgeous refillable lip tint or mascara from Kjaer Weis. 



ACQUAINTANCES & CO-WORKERS (or Those That are Kinda Close)

The people we like, but don’t spend a ton of time with can be the trickiest to buy for. We kind of know them, but we’re not sure what they really, really like. Drop the socks and get them something both nice and useful. 

A reusable, beautiful and stylish bkr water bottle is perfect for that co-worker that’s saved your butt a bunch this year, but is still toting around disposable plastic H2O. Or scent up her cubicle or home office with Oille’s Natural Holiday Soy Candle – it’ll make for work that seems a little more festive. If you’re not so into the seasonal scent, pick another,we’ve a bunch.

Or, you can always help her out on the road; La Bella Figura has a travel roll on to keep her stress level on the low down while she’s not at home or available to grab lunch with you for an office gossip.




If your fella is in to grooming, or is curious about getting the best and most natural way to get a good shave, try John Masters Organics super-hydrating and effective products. There’s a shave foam and a 2-in-1 moisturizer he’ll be stoked on. Come February, he’ll be asking you where he can stock up. Send him our way. You can also pick him up Graydon’s Eau Pour Garcon to round out his new natural look and smell.  

Got a man on the road on your list? La Bella Figura Travel roll-on (it’s not just for ladies) will keep him calm, cool and collected from the cab to the airport to the meetings beyond. He may not tell you he loves it, but be sure he’ll always have it packed, and think of you every time he rolls it on.



Everyone loves an add-on, so pick up a super pretty sponge – One Love Organics style for year-round easy and awesome cleansing, or show them the softer side of soap with Kahina Giving Beauty Rosemary, Lavender and Argan bar in a design-y wrapping. And, post washing, everyone can use a little lotion this time of year; Leaves of Trees leaves all hands feeling soft and smooth.




As you shop and fill up your cart, pick an item or two for yourself. Ilia’s new Tinted Moisturizer is a lightweight semi-matte option for winterizing your skincare and looking pretty and natural at the holiday party. Or maybe grab yourself a red polish for the season by Treat. We love The Other One for this time of year. If you’re feeling more like staying home and wrapping, or stressed with all the online shopping, grab some Inner Peace and chill out while you splurge on those you love. 

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