Self Care with Kim D'eon

Taking care of oneself is essential in maintaining balance and harmony in life. Like in an airplane safety video, we must affix our own oxygen mask before assisting others. But we know how easy it is to get lost in the hustle of the daily grind. Here at Clementine Fields we believe that self-care is a necessity, not just a luxury.
Seeking inspiration from those around us, we decided to launch a blog series to reach out to customers, friends and well-known Canadians, to find out what they do to stay healthy. It’s time to banish beauty secrecy and open up the world of natural beauty and wellness. We hope this on-going campaign will inspire you to experience new ways to stay beautiful, balanced and healthy.

To kick off our campaign, we spoke with Kim D’eon. An award-winning Canadian TV personality, Kim has reported for and hosted popular and critically acclaimed shows such as: Entertainment Tonight Canada, Food Network Canada’s Family Cook Off, CBC’s Street Cents, Marketplace, and The Hour. Kim is also an Ambassador of Change with CARE Canada where she advocates empowerment for women around the world. She now merges her journalistic foundation and media expertise with her passion for real food and whole health to inspire others to eat healthy, live life to the fullest and laugh along the way. Here are her thoughts on beauty and wellness.

CF: How do you make time for your self-care; do you disconnect for a length of time, or is your self-care more on the go, grabbing 10 minutes here and there?

Kim: I take care of myself whenever I can. Sometimes, it’s a few minutes here and there during the day, and sometimes it’s a full day of being good to myself. I have to admit, the full-day thing doesn’t happen as much as I’d like, but when it does, it’s amazing. I really love going to a spa that includes water therapies like plunge pools and hot tubs to give my circulation a helping hand. I like to finish things off with a great massage.

And though I’ve been on a bit of a yoga hiatus, it’s really one thing that I have grown to love. I feel like practicing yoga with others is one of the best things I’ve ever done to take care of myself. It makes me feel clear, inspired, strong - even taller - after a good class. I’m looking forward to getting back to that.

I like to get outside and go for walks whenever possible. When it’s nice out, nothing beats sitting on the grass or on a beach. Just connecting with nature makes me feel really happy and relaxed. When I can, I’ll take my shoes off and make sure my bare feet are touching the earth. It’s a great way to actually “ground” myself.

On a daily basis, I try my hardest to disconnect and just be still for a few minutes. Sometimes all that involves is petting my cats and sometimes it’s just looking up at the sky and taking a few deep breaths without a million thoughts running through my head. Basically, I just try to be still and present for a few minutes each day.

Of course, eating well is essential to taking care of myself and I practice eating unprocessed, whole foods most of the time. But, I don’t beat myself up for eating crappy at times. Beating myself up would be the opposite of self-care. It’s all about balance and moderation and feeling happy about what I’m eating no matter what.

CF: How often do you feel it's necessary to take time for yourself?

Kim: I feel better when I take time for myself every day, but I also know that it’s hard to practice given the break-neck speed at which most of us operate. That’s why I feel it’s good to give yourself just a few minutes every day to just be. No distractions, no phones, TVs, radios, driving or reading. It’s simple and can really help to reduce stress levels. I’m gradually moving towards using a guided mediation for a few minutes each day. I’m not there yet, but that’s okay. Baby steps.
CF: What's in your self-care arsenal – what favourite products or personal items do you have on hand for taking care of yourself?

Kim: I don’t have anything “fancy” to take care of myself besides a journal and a dry brush. When I’m being really good to myself, I will journal for a little while every day (it really helps to clear the mind) and lately, I’ve been doing a bit of dry brushing before getting into the shower to stimulate my lymph flow in order to help with my immune system and free up detoxification pathways. It’s not a habit yet, but I’m working on it.

CF: Are there any services for self-care that you employ regularly or irregularly? Are these routine for you, or do you splurge only when you really need them?

Kim: If there’s one thing I don’t have in my life at the moment, it’s routine. So any service I indulge in would be pretty irregular. I do love me a great mani/pedi and I will jump at a chance to spoil myself whenever possible. I know there are some people who don’t like being touched, but I’m not one of them. I go nuts for a great hand and foot massage. Throw in a neck and head massage and I’m done! Usually when I’m visiting a registered massage therapist it’s because I’ve hurt myself. So, I consider it a supreme treat to get a full body massage for pampering purposes and admit that it doesn’t happen as much as I’d like. If I had it my way, I’d have a personal masseuse at my beck and call.

CF: How do you feel after you spend time taking care of you?

Kim: I feel extremely happy and grateful after I’ve spent time taking care of myself. I realize that I am very fortunate to have the time and the resources to do things like manicures, pedicures or spa days. I try not to feel guilty for taking advantage of the opportunity to spoil myself – just grateful. I usually feel invigorated, positive, and open to possibility after I have taken time for myself, even if it’s just a new smoothie recipe or a little unplugged moment to myself.


Great tips on self care!

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