5 Ways bkr Makes Drinking Water Better





One of the easiest, most foolproof ways to take care of your health is to drink water. If you didn’t already know, staying hydrated helps your body absorb nutrients, flush out toxins, prevents headaches and keeps your skin glowing. The necessity and benefit of drinking water might be obvious, but it’s not always easy. The founders of bkr, Tal and Kate, were obsessed with making something that was both convenient and luxurious to improve people’s consumption of water. And lo and behold, bkr was born. Here are 5 ways bkr makes drinking water better. 

~Reduces exposure to toxins: we’re all cautious about what we put into our bodies, and with good reason. There are a vast number of invisible, harmful contaminants in things we encounter on a daily basis. To fully reap all the benefits of drinking water, like say, flushing out toxins, you should make sure you have the right container. Drinking out of dirty plastic, which is full of toxins, especially when left in the sun, seems counter productive. Washing down your organic lunch with toxic water just doesn’t add up. bkr takes you from dirty plastic to clean glass. They make sure your healthy choices remain, well, healthy.

~Environmentally friendly: bottled water equals garbage. Even if you recycle, the amount of oil used annually to produce bottled water is shocking. Furthermore, 80% of plastic water bottles are thrown away. Most of them end up in the ocean where they threaten marine life and the biodiversity of our oceans.

~Saves money: Most bottled water is just filtered tap water at 10,000 times the cost. If you compare the price versus the production cost of bottled water, with say, oil, there would be no competition as to which industry is a bigger rip off. But let’s say you don’t drink bottled water that often. Maybe you only buy two a week at $2.25. That’s still $234 a year on something that is harmful to the planet and your body.

~Something pretty: Founders Tal and Kate wanted to make something beautiful and they did. bkr water bottles have been featured almost every magazine you can think of: Vogue, Elle, Shape, Martha Stewart Living, the list goes on. They’ve been endorsed by and spotted in the hands of numerous celebrities. But all the hype surrounding bkr is immaterial when you look at one for yourself. They really are gorgeous. The shape, the colours - you want to take it everywhere with you. And if you take it everywhere with you, you’re more likely to stay hydrated and healthy. It’s pretty, and it has a purpose.

~Original: What’s original about bkr if everyone has one and every magazine is raving about it? Most colours are limited edition. bkr is all about fresh starts and clean living. This means only a select few colours come back but for the rest, once they’ve sold out, that’s it.




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