Flavour Faves: an aromatic tour

Our guest blogger, Tess Degenstein - writer, actor, comedian, and brunch fan- will be coming to you, on a regular basis, to offer up her unique thoughts on life, skincare and all the latest in T.O., as inspired by the vibrant products at Clementine Fields



This month I am inspired by S.W. Basics lip balms, a sumptuous beeswax-based balm available in an array of tempting flavours.

Spring brings with it a feeling of renewal and potential reinvention (I am reminded of some excellent literature on this subject: Full House Stephanie’s Here Comes the Brand New Me ).  With the S.W. Basics Lip Balm Flight, you can reinvent on the reg, catering your mouth to match your mood on any particular day. Let’s take a tour of the 4 available flaves, shall we? 

Perfect for the “gal-on-the-go “, our first flavour literally and figuratively promises to put some “Pep” in your step. To wit: studies have shown that peppermint’s distinctive scent may actually aid in physical performance, improving endurance and even enabling one to run farther and lift more (don’t ask me how! Science is magic!). The scent has also been said to increase alertness, and decreases anxiety- apparently the reason why it is available as an option for so many car fresheners! And you certainly can’t beat that minty tingle for a hit of office-appropriate stimulation throughout your day.

Pair with: a jaunty short (pictured pair from Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week!), a run along the Waterfront, and Aroma’s cool and refreshing Ice Mint tea.


Whereas peppermint primarily stimulates the body, citrus scents have been proven to target the mind, enhancing memory, improving concentration, and promoting positivity. Perfect for those days when you want to feel your particularly sharp and sunny- be it for a big presentation at work, or a little one’s well-attended bday party! Bonus: citrus, and in particular lemon, is right up there with coconut as a does-everything-product-du-jour, so you’ll be right on trend with this cleanser and superfruit by your side (or on your lips!). 

Pair with: a splash of colour, a trip to your local bookstore, and some hot (and “so hot right now”) lemon water.


Arguably the most luxurious of the bunch, cocoa is ideal for those days you just want to feel luuuuuush. Not only is the chocolate scent said to produce euphoria (we’ve all seen Chocolat we know how it works), the cocoa butter feels beautifully indulgent on the skin. It’s no wonder that it is one of the main ingredients in all of S.W.’s lip balms.

Pair with: delicacies from SOMA , a trip to Body Blitz,  and anything Juliette Binoche. 


For me, cinnamon’s rich scent has always held strong connotations of earthy comforts- milk before bedtime, apple pie, a perfect cup of chai. It’s not surprising therefore that the aromatic properties of cinnamon have been known to act as relaxants, even alleviating tension in the joints and reducing headaches. But as anyone who has eaten an accidentally large fistful of Valentine’s Day candy hearts will tell you: the spice also has intense kick. All of which makes it the perfect flavour for an aimless weekend afternoon where anything could happen. 

Pair with: gourmet hot oatmeal, the Sartorialist, and your vintage Polaroid cam

Enjoy the flight, you delicious readers! Flave on! 

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